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  • Power Grade Charcoal involves large-scale production of charcoal use as sustainable fuel in coal-fired power plants.
  • To comply with power sector quality standards and price levels of charcoal  have to be decreased drastically which will be achieved by developing an innovative process design, with optimized  carbonization.
  • Main project activities include: 1) determining charcoal specifications; 2)  pilot scale carbonization experiments, including process modeling and conceptual design; 3) research on feedstock drying & charcoal densification 4) full-scale co-firing experiments & 5) engineering of a large-scale carbonization retort and plant.
  • Electrabel aims to co-fire 240,000 tonnes of Charcoal per annum by 2008.
  • Large scale production and export of charcoal for the co-firing market implies that green forest residues need to be used as feedstock and  charcoal need to be maximized.
  • A much larger co-firing test was held at one of the 225 MW units. The test involved a total of almost 200 tonnes of charcoal.
  • The design of a business plan offers opportunities to medium-sized enterprises which allows charcoal producers to increase production at a rate of  14%.
  • The power grade charcoal project has yielded a design implementation large-scale charcoal production plant with an output capacity of 10,000 tonnes per year.


  • Power Grade Charcoal.
  • Charcoal for Electrical Power Production.


  • Industrial Charcoal Production.
  • Making Fuel Charcoal from sewage sludge for thermal power generation plant.
  • Charcoal Making.


  • Activated Charcoal Production.
  • Use of Charcoal for treating inflammatory conditions.
  • Carbonized Charcoal Electrode.
  • Additives for mercury oxidation in coal-fired power plants.
  • Method for producing activated carbon.

Turnkey Provider

  • Turnkey Provider from Colombo.
  • Turnkey Provider from  USA.

Machinery Suppliers

  • Supplier1 from China.
  • Supplier2 from China.
  • Supplier3 from China.
  • Supplier4 from China.
  • Supplier5 from China.


  • Suppliers from America.
  • Suppliers from India.

Company Profile

  • Company from Argentina.
  • Company from India.


  • Consultancy from Canada.
  • Consultancy from India.


  • A Clean, efficient System for producing Charcoal, Heat and Power.
  • Development of Charcoal Sorbents for Helium Cryopumping.
  • New Hampshire Charcoal Kiln.
  • Training Manual of Bamboo Charcoal.


  • Charcoal Manufacturing Technology in South Africa.
  • Bamboo Charcoal + Gasifier based Power Plant.
  • Biomass Production Technology.
  • SME Project Catalogue.
  • Charcoal making with Robert Sowter.
  • Convert Wood into Charcoal & Electricity.

Market Demands

  • Economics and Planning in Charcoal Production.
  • Charcoal Utilization and Marketing.


  • BioCoal Production and its uses.
  • Charcoal production for Cooking and Heating.
  • Using Charcoal Efficiently.



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