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  • Pressure die casting is a process where metal is melted and forced into steel dies. The metal hardens into the desired shape. Molten metal is injected into a die cavity through a channel by movement of a plunger. After a preset solidification time, the plunger reverses direction, the part is ejected, and the machine is ready for the next cycle.
  • Die-cast motor rotors are produced in aluminum today because rotor fabrication by pressure die-casting is an established practice.
  • Pressure die cast products can be found in many different areas from water taps to automotive oil pans or connector casings.
  • Pressure die casting is a versatile process for producing components.
  • During this process, molten metal is cast into reusable steel dies using high pressure. These dies are
    designed to produce complex geometries accurately andreproducible.
  • Pressure die casting in aluminium alloy provides rapid production of engineering and other related components of even or intricate design. The technique becomes important when mass production is required.
  • A pressure die casting machine is provided for processing fused metals in which the die locking unit is mounted adjustably on a lifting frame that can be vertically raised or
    lowered to adapt the die locking unit to the casting nozzle via lever sets and a common mechanical adjusting device for those lever sets. This arrangement achieves a space-saving arrangement .
  • It offers an economical way of producing largequantities of complex, high tolerance parts in aluminum and magnesium alloys.
  • It is the most widely used casting process. It is ideally suited for high production rates of dimensionally accurate parts with excellent surface finish.
  • A pressure die-casting block wherein two block halves are assembled together along a parting plane to provide an internal cavity.
  • One of the block halves is provided with a venting valve the port of which opens into the parting plane to thus communicate with
    the cavity.
  • In the assembled condition of the block an end face of the venting valve abuts an end face of the other half block and means are provided whereby these two abutting faces bear upon one another with a force additional to the force holding the two half blocks
  • A feed device for an injection chamber of a pressure die-casting or for a press tool or a forging press die transfers a billet into an injection chamber or die press.


  • Aluminium high pressure die casting technology.
  • Lubricants and parting agents for pressure die-casting.
  • Effectiveness of the vacuum technique in pressure die casting.
  • Using Gas Injection in High Pressure Die Casting Technology.
  • High Technology in high pressure die-casting of Aluminium.


  • Balinit -boosts staying power.
  • Diecoat 01.
  • Deltacast 333 release 3.
  • Trimal 05.
  • ZL-2 - Tooling alloy.
  • ZL-8-Pressure Die Casting Alloy.
  • Pressure Die Casting-7.5kg.
  • Low pressure die casting machines.
  • Pressure Die Castings-1kg.


  • Computer aided runner and gating design technology for pressure die casting.
  • Diedifice for pressure Die-casting Die Design.
  • Design of experiments for the pressure die casting process.
  • Complete Simulation of High Pressure Die Casting Process.

Equipment Suppliers

  • Supplier from Europe.
  • Supplier1 from India.
  • Supplier2 from India.
  • Supplier3 from India.
  • Supplier from Mumbai.


  • Feed device for a pressure Die-Casting machine.
  • Pressure Die-Casting block with a venting valve.
  • Water soluble core for pressure die casting.
  • Pressure die casting apparatus provided with a pressure attenuating device.
  • Pressure casting using a supported shell mold.
  • Oxygen flushing pressure die-casting method.
  • Method of operating a hot-chamber pressure die-casting machine.
  • Low pressure die-casting plant with improved production capacity.
  • Pressure Die Casting Machine.


  • Pressure Die casting Machine.
  • Pressure Die casting Service Providers.
  • High Pressure Die Casting.
  • 120tons pressure die casting for sale.


  • Suppliers from India.
  • List of Foundries.
  • List of Manufacturers.
  • List of Suppliers.
  • Online Suppliers.


Company Profile

  • Company from China.
  • Company from Haryana.
  • Company from Gujarat.
  • Company1 from India.
  • Company2 from India.
  • Company3 from India.
  • Company4 from India.


  • Consultancy from India.
  • Consultancy from USA.
  • Experts from New York.
  • Consultancy from Chennai.


  • Modeling in Air Venting in pressure die casting process.
  • Technological factors of pressure die casting.
  • Optimization of process parameters of pressure die casting using Taguchi methodology.
  • Multi-response optimization of process parameters in cold chamber pressure die casting.
  • Heating process modeling for die-casting jets.
  • Increasing the lifetime of aluminium pressure die casting moulds by arc ion plating PVD coatings.
  • Numerical simulation of low pressure die-casting aluminum wheel.


  • Omen High Pressure Die Casting.
  • MEM04003B Operate pressure die casting machine.
  • Parting Problems in pressure die-casting.
  • Mould release agent die casting.
  • High Pressure Die Casting.
  • Pressure Die Casting.
  • The Die-Cast Copper Motor Rotor.
  • Low-Pressure Die Cast Cylinder Blocks-high performance diesel engines.

Market Demands

  • New Challenges for low pressure die casting.
  • 2011 International Die Casting Design Competition Winners.
  • Pressure Die Casting in focus.
  • Pressure Die Casting in demand.
  • Feasibility study for the development and marketing of magnesium seats for motor coaches.


  • Application in Die Casting.
  • Pressure die casting trials on mold materials for the copper motor rotor.
  • Power train-Miscellaneous engine components.





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