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  • Starch is an abundant, biodegradable, renewable and low-cost commodity that has been explored as a replacement for petroleum-based plastics. By itself, starch is a poor replacement for plastics because of its moisture sensitivity and brittle properties. Efforts to improve starch properties and functionality have been limited mostly to its chemical treatments or blending it with other compatible resins.
  • Foamed Starch can be environmentally friendly blown into a foamed material using water steam. Foamed starch is antistatic, insulating and shock absorbing, therefore a good replacement for polystyrene foam. It can be used as packaging material or can be pressed into starch-based sheet for thin-walled products, such as trays, disposable dishes, cups etc or used as loose-fill for packaging. It offers numerous disposal alternatives and can be a good substitute of CFCs-blown PS.
  • There are various types of biodegradable plastics, such as PLA (polylactic acid), PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate), PBS (polybutylene succinate), starch-based plastics, regenerated cellulose, and PCL (polycaprolactone) that are used in applications such as packaging, fibres, agriculture, and injection molding.
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  • Throw away containers

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  • Company & products
  • Biaxially Oriented Films
  • Polylactide
  • Biofoam
  • Bio based Foam
  • Biopolymer


  • Starch-Based Microcellular Foams
  • Starch composite foams
  • Technology Company
  • Biodegradable Composites
  • Cassava based Foam
  • Cassava Starch Foam
  • Starch biocomposite foam
  • Polyurethane-starch hydrophylic foams
  • Corn Based
  • Biodegradable Plastics
  • Starch Protective Loose-Fill Foams
  • Starch-based Nan composite foams


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  • Techno economic Feasibility
  • Expanded Foams from wheat Flour
  • Starch-based foams
  • Technology Source
  • Consultant - technology
  • The production of baked starch foam packaging
  • Thermo pressing Process
  • Wheat flour foam ecocomposites


  • Starch based Foams
  • Starch bound paper
  • Manufacture of starch foam
  • Technology Commercialization

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  • Starch Foam Packaging for Automotive Applications
  • Market - 2011
  • Annual Report - 2011
  • Market - USA
  • Consultant - market reports
  • Packaging Food
  • Foamed Articles
  • Research Institute

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