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  • Succinic acid is a dicarboxylic acid. Succinate plays a biochemical role in the citric acid cycle.
  • Succinic acid is a colorless crystalline solid with a melting point of 185 -187 C and soluble in water; slightly dissolved in ethanol, ether, acetone and glycerine; not dissolved in benzene, carbon sulfide, carbon tetrachloride and oil ether.
  • Succinic Acid occurs as colorless to white crystals or as a white crystalline powder. It is odorless and has a characteristic acid taste.
  • The common method of synthesis of succinic acid is the catalytic hydrogenation of maleic acid or its anhydride.
  • Succinic acid is found in all plant and animal materials as a result of the central metabolic role played by this dicarboxylic acid in the Citric Acid Cycle.
  • The BDSA(Biologically Derived Succinic Acid) process produces succinic acid by fermenting glucose sugar from corn, separating and purifying the acid, and catalytically processing it as a platform chemical to produce 1,4-butanediol (BDO) and related products, tetrahydrofuran and
    butyrolactone; n-methyl pyrrolidinone (NMP) and 2-pyrrolidinone; or other chemicals that are used to make a wide assortment of products.
  • Succinic acid is a dicarboxylic acid which has attracted great interest as a green feed stock for the manufacture of synthetic resins, biodegradable polymers and chemical intermediates. It can be produced as an intermediate of tricarboxylic acid cycle (TCA) and also as one of the fermentation products of anaerobic metabolism.
  • Succinic acid is valued for its derivative chemicals, which are used in producing food and pharmaceutical products, surfactants and detergents, plastics, clothing fibers, biodegradable solvents, and other products.
  • Succinic acid has been used in many industrial applications, and has been used as a surfactant, a detergent extender, a foaming agent, and an ion chelator. It has also been used as a food additive, a flavoring agent, and a supplement to pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, and vitamins.
  • Succinic acid concentrations are monitored in the manufacture of numerous foodstuffs and beverages, including wine, soy sauce, soy bean flour, fruit juice and dairy products (e.g. cheese).
  • The production volume of succinic acid in China accounts for 25~30% the global succinic acid output. Each year more than 1,500 tonnes of China’s succinic acid was exported overseas. Moreover, succinic acid is also comprehensively used in China and plays an important role in Chinese economy, including chemical, food, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.
  • Now the major production methods in application are electrochemical reduction method and hydrogenation method. However, in the worldwide, the major method in application is fermentation method, which can significantly reduce the manufacturing cost. It means potential for the Chinese succinic acid industry.
  • Now though the export volume of succinic acid is fluctuating these years, however, it is still be very bright for it to develop. On one hand, it is because of the development of production method, and on the other hand, it is for the constant and increasing market demand from the downstream products.
  • It is believed that the future of succinic acid will be profitable. It is definitely necessary to grow up with China’s succinic acid industry.
Introduction and Its Products
  • Succinic Acid
  • Succinic Acid Description
  • Succinic Acid Identification
  • Product Description
  • Succinic Acid Properties


  • Succinic Acid
  • Succinic Acid 99%
  • Butanedioic Acid
  • Succinct acid crystalline p. A.
  • Ethylenesuccinic Acid
  • Safety data for succinic acid
  • Succinic acid MSDS
  • Amber acid


  • Analgesic Effect of Succinic Acid
  • Effect of a novel insulinotropic agent, succinic acid monoethyl ester, on lipids and lipoproteins levels in rats
  • The effect of succinic acid monoethyl ester on plasma and tissue glycoproteins in streptozotocin-nicotinamide induced diabetic rats
  • Isolation and characterization of a new succinic acid-producing bacterium, Mannheimia succiniciproducens MBEL55E, from bovine rumen
  • Binary homogeneous nucleation in water–succinic acid and water–glutaric acid systems
  • Second Dissociation Constant of Succinic Acid


  • Copolyesters having repeat units derived from succinic acid
  • Gauche Form Succinic Acid
  • Metal Salts of Alkenyl Succinic Acid
  • Method for stimulating plant growth using GABA and succinic acid
  • Succinic acid production and purification


  • Current research and development: Succinic acid production
  • Development of biorefinery technologies
  • Fermentative Production of Succinic Acid from Glucose and Corn Steep Liquor by Anaerobiospirillum succiniciproducens
  • Integrating emerging technologies with biomass refining
  • Succinic acid producing microorganisms

Production Process

  • Production of Succinic Acid by E.coli from the mixtures of glucose and fructose
  • Production of Chemicals from Biologically Derived Succinic Acid
  • The Estimation of Succinic Acid
  • Opportunities for New Coproducts From Ethanol Production
  • Kinetic study for the extraction of succinic acid with TOA in fermentation broth; effects of pH, salt and contaminated acid
  • Fermentative Production of Building Blocks for Chemical Synthesis of Polyesters
  • Note on the synthesis of succinic acid labeled in the carboxyl position with radioactive carbon
  • Solubility of the Preparations of Succinic Acid Obtained Mechanochemically
  • Succinic Acid - Assay Procedure
  • The position of carbon dioxide carbon in succinic acid synthesized by heterotrophic bacteria
  • Batch and continuous fermentation of succinic acid from wood hydrolysate by Mannheimia succiniciproducens MBEL55E
  • Bioconversion of Sugar Cane Molasses
  • Integration of Succinic Acid Production in a Dry Mill Ethanol Facility
  • Biotechnological production of succinic acid
  • Development and optimization of new, cost effective environmentally sound, and corn based succinic acid fermentation and recovery processes for commercialization
  • Optimised fermentation production of succinic acid
  • Production of Succinic Acid from Wood Wastes and Plants


  • Dendritic polymers composed of glycerol and succinic acid: Synthetic methodologies and medical applications
  • Structural characterisation of hyperbranched polyesteramides: MSn and the origin of species
  • Uses
  • Sugar / Ethanol Waste Treatment
  • Sucrose and Corn Fiber Hydrolysis using a Succinic Acid Catalyst

Company Profiles

  • Company in Brussels
  • Company in New York
  • Company in China
  • Another Company in China
  • Company in UK
  • Company in India.

Market and Reports

  • Bio-succinic acid to go commercial
  • Biobased Industrial Products
  • Microbial production of organic acids: the expanding markets
  • Succinic Acid - Abstract
  • Growth and characterization of succinic acid Single crystals
  • Influence of Succinic Acid on Absorption
    of Iron Studied by Whole-Body Monitoring
  • Studies on the Enzymic Oxidation of Succinic Acid Containing Deuterium in the Methylene Groups
  • Succinic acid/ KBr pellet
  • Microcalorimetric Study of Escherichia coli Aerobic Growth: Theoretical Aspects of Growth on Succinic Acid


  • Succinic Acid Suppliers
  • Succinic Acid Selling Leads
  • Succinic Acid Worldwide Suppliers
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  • Succinic Acid Manufacturers


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