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  • Succinic anhydride, also called dihydro-2,5-furandione, is an organic compound with the molecular formula C4H4O3. It is the acid anhydride of succinic acid.
  • Succinic Anhydride is an important organic anhydride. It is a white, crystalline and flaky product and it is odourless.
  • N-succinyl-chitosan were prepared by ring opening reactions with succinic anhydride in dimethyl sulfoxide system.
  • Succinic anhydride or dihydro-2,5-furandione (SA) reacts rapidly with the amino groups of lysines and the amino groups of the N termini of proteins at pH 7 to 8, forming an amide bond by replacing the amino group with a carboxyl.
  • Fiber reacted to increasing levels of weight gain with succinic anhydride has been thermopressed, at different temperatures, to form cellulose reinforced thermoplastic composites.
  • Modification of the kenaf bast fibers using succinic (SA) anhydrides was performed using two procedures. They are solution reaction, solid state reaction.
  • Succinic Anhydride is mainly used in the manufacture of polymeric materials (alkyd and other special resins).
  • It is used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, dyes, photographic chemicals, surface active agents, lubricant additives, organic flame retardant materials, esters, flavours and fragrances.
  • Its application include as a cross-linking agent in ion-exchange membranes, curing agent for epoxy resins and starch modifier in foods and feeds.
  • Succinic anhydride can also be used as a curative for epoxy resins or in the manufacture of polyester resins.
  • Acetic and succinic anhydride treatments increased density and decreased equilibrium moisture content (EMC); therefore, the boards treated with these anhydrides improved the physical and mechanical properties.
  • Fiber modified with succinic anhydride appeared to exhibit the greatest thermoplasticity.
  • Used for producing plasticization resin, engineering plastics and esters etc in chemical industry; also used for intermediate of medicament and pesticide etc; as well as chemical reagent, neutralizing agent and flavoring agent.
  • Succinic anhydride, a food additive, is also used in the manufacture of polymeric materials.
  • Kenaf fiber can be reacted with succinic anhydride to give high weight gains of esterification of the cell wall polymers either by solution or solid state chemistry.
  • Information about Succinic Anhydride
  • About Succinic anhydride

Process & Functions

  • Modification of kenaf with succinic anhydride reactions and characterization
  • Novel hydrogel based on chitosan covalently cross-linked with succinic anhydride: synthesis and characterization
  • Moisture sorption properties of composite boards from esterified aspen fiber
  • Preparation of N-succinyl-chitosan and their physical chemical properties as a novel excipient
  • Treatment with Succinic Anhydride Improves the Immunogenicity of
    Shigella flexneri Type 2a O-Specific Polysaccharide–Protein Conjugates in Mice
  • The effects of chemical modification on the physical and mechanical properties of particle boards produced from alder and spruce chips

Patent & Technology

  • Manufacture of succinic anhydride
  • Process for the preparation of a substituted succinic anhydride
  • Process for preparing succinic anhydride
  • Process for making allyl succinic anhydride
  • Substituted succinic anhydride/emulsifier composition
  • Properties of human serum low density lipoproteins after modification by succinic anhydride
  • Modification of Heat Coagulated Whey Protein Concentrates by Succinylation
  • On the structure of human serum high density lipoprotein:studies by the technique of circular dichroism

Company Profiles

  • Company from China
  • Company from India
  • Another company from India
  • Company from New York
  • Company from Texas

Material Safety Data Sheet & Hazrds

  • Succinic Anhydride, 99%
  • Material Safety Data sheet for succinic anhydride
  • Succinic anhydride
  • MSDS for succinic anhydride
  • Safety data for succinic anhydride
  • Succinic anhydride MSDS
  • Succinic anhydride safety data sheet
  • Succinic anhydride
  • International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre (CIS)-Succinic anhydride

Consultants & Project

  • Consultant from Minnesota
  • Consultant from Nether Lands
  • Consultant from Switzerland
  • Consultant from Texas
  • The carcinogenetic potency project of succinic anhydride


  • Body distribution of RGD-mediated lipsome in brain targeting drug delivery
  • Development of Novel Biobased Polymers Based on Glycerol
  • Enzymatic resolution of a racemic mixture by acylation in ionic liquids
  • The Properties of Forest Plantation Wood after Through Chemical Modification Method
  • Role of a succinic anhydride grafted atactic polypropylene (a-PP-SA) on the Melting and Crystallization Behaviour under dynamic conditions of the PP phase in interfacially modified PP/PA6 Blends
  • Surface modification of porous silicon dioxides achieved using conventional
    solution-phase reagents under solvent-free conditions
  • Preparation and Surface Active Properties of Novel Succinic Acid
    Based Surfactants
  • Synthesis and Physicochemical Characterization of Chemically Modified Chitosan by Succinic Anhydride


  • Succinic Anhydride
  • Succinic anhydride- 99 atom % 13C
  • Succinic anhydride 99%
  • Product of succinic anhydride
  • Succinic anhydride ≥99%


  • Chemical modification of agro fiber for thermo plasticization
  • National industrial chemicals notification and assessment scheme
  • A Short Communication on MicroArray Hybridization
  • Toxicology and carcinogenesis studies of succinic anhydride
  • United states court of appeals for the federal circuit

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