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  • A  Industrial chemical process used to make a diverse range of products such as dyes and color intensifiers, pigments, medicinal, pesticides and organic intermediates is called Sulfonation.
  • Reactions are carried out using, concentrated sulfuric acid, Oleum or sulfur tri oxide as the sulfonating agent.
  • A difficult reaction to perform on an industrial scale because the reaction is rapid and highly exothermic.
  • An electrophilic chemical reaction where a sulfonic group is incorporated into a molecule with the capacity to donate electrons.
  • Sulfonation of polymers is a method for making proton exchange membranes used in electrochemical devices.
  • One of the important processes to produce an anionic surfactant. One of the derivatives developed from methyl ester is methyl ester sulfonate, an anionic surfactant formed by
    Sulfonation of methyl ester.
  • Due to excellent surface active properties and resistance to hard water, Sulfonated methyl ester is  used as wetting agents and detergent component.
  • The project cost to install sulfonation plant is estimated upto 8 Crores.
  • Commercial scale Sulfonation reactions require special equipment and instrumentation that
    allows tight control of the mole ratio of SO3 to organic and rapid removal of the heat of reaction.
  • The process equipment cost is an important factor to be considered in choice of a
    Sulfonation process.
  • Oleum Sulfonation offers advantages over other methods of sulfonation, most notably allowing
    for versatility in feedstock selection.
  • Gas flow splitting enables the use of multiple reactors, while sharing a common gas plant and tail gas treatment system.
  • Mills can use a catalyzed CTMP process with an interstage sulfonation process for aspen pulp to obtain a higher tensile strength and better optical properties.
  • In the design of sulfonation plants, important factor to be considered is need for precise control over gas/liquid contacting.
  • Mainly of anionic surfactants, Sulfonation plants are scattered around the world in production units with capacities varying from 3.000 to 50.000 tons/year.



  • Sulfonation.
  • Sulfonation plant Process Overview.
  • Mechanism of Sulfonation.
  • Multi Product Sulfonation Plant.
  • Advances in Sulfonation Technology.


  • Sulfonation Process.
  • Low Sulphonation, energy efficient mechanical pulping.
  • Sulfonation Processes and Equipment.
  • Technology for anionic surfactant manufacture.
  • Sulfonation process of palm methyl ester as anionic surfactant.
  • Sulphonation of Benzene.


  • Bulk Sulfonation Process.
  • Sulfonation of Aromatic compounds.
  • Molecule sulfonation process.
  • Mixed Sulfonation Block Copolymers.
  • Treating effluent gas from sulfonation process.
  • Continuous Sulphonation Process.
  • Sulfonation of Fatty Acid Esters.
  • Sulfonation of crude oils to produce petroleum sulfonates.
  • Sulfonation of fats and oils.
  • Sulphonation of Phenols.
  • Sulphonation of organic compounds.
  • Sulphonation of Toulene.
  • Thin film type sulfonation process of Alkyl benzene.
  • Sulphonation method for manufacture of a cation exchange resin.
  • Sulphonation process for low crosslinked polystyrene.
  • Sulphonation Process.

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  • Sulfonation of aromatic and heteroaromatic polycyclic compounds.
  • Sulfonation of expanded polystyrene waste.
  • Polymer Sulfonation.
  • Low Sulphonation of the primary cell wall for improved TMP production.
  • Benzene Sulphonation in Three Gas Liquid Reactors.
  • Increasing level of sulfonation on electrochemical performances.
  • Sulfonation process of Sulfonated polysulfone membranes.
  • Dyeing of Sulfonation and crosslinked cotton fabric.
  • Sulphonation of Synthetic Rubber.


  • Gas Splitting of SO3 in Air for Sulfonation.
  • Sulphonation and high intensity refining on the ultra high yield pulping of spruce.
  • Valuable tool for detergent industry.
  • Gas Sulfonation Dechlorination Systems.
  • Catalyzed interstage sulfonation CTMP process of aspen wood.


  • Sulphonation-Traditional business.
  • Growth in Emerging Markets.
  • Marketing Research Report.


  • Sulfonation Technology for speciality Application.
  • Sulfonation of crosslinked polystyrene and its uses in purification of water.

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