Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate
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  • Sulfonates are derived from petroleum fractions, from lignin, and from fatty oils.
  • These materials are mixtures of indeterminate or variable composition, probably comprising one or more of the main chemical types of sulfonates together with sulfates and other sulfur compounds, and are made largely by empirical procedures.
  • Sulfonates are used as additive agents for metal working oil and engine oil. In this usage, sulfonates provide special functions such as surfactant functions and rust prevention.
  • Sulfonation may be defined as any chemical process by which the sulfonic acid group (SO2OH) or the corresponding salt or sulfonyl halide group (e.g. –SO2CI) is introduced into an organic compound
  • Natural petroleum sulfonates are defined as those manufactured by sulfonation of crude oil, crude distillates, or any portion of these distillates in which hydrocarbons present are not substantially different from their state in the original crude oil.
  • These natural materials, then, are quite different from synthetic sulfonates, which are derived most commonly from sulfonation of olefinic polymers or alkyl aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Calcium Petroleum Sulphonate is Calcium salt of Sulphonic Acid made by processing Heavy Alkaline Benzene of suitable fraction with Sulphuric Acid or Sulphur Trioxide and refining by liquid extraction by using suitable alcoholic solvent and precipitating insoluble salts by control of PH and centrifuging.
  • Meta petroleum sulfonates are widely used in the manufacture of lubricating oil additives and greases. Recently a process has been developed for the manufacture of superior metal petroleum sulfonates, particularly calcium petroleum sulfonates, by the sulfonation of a highly viscous, highly refined parafiinic oil fraction having a viscosity of at least about 200 to 230 SUS at 210 F. and having a viscosity index of about 85 to 100 or higher.
  • Petroleum sulfonate is mainly obtained by treating high-boiling petroleum fractions in a stirred tank reactor (STR) or in a falling-film reactor (FFR).  Synthesis of Petroleum Sulfonate Surfactant with Ultra-Low Interfacial Tension in Rotating Packed Bed Reactor.
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