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  • Vacuum coating is nothing but the deposition of a film or a coating which is made under vacuum or a low-pressure
    plasma environment.
  • In General this is the term applied to processes which deposit atomic or molecular monolayers, such as physical vapour deposition (PVD), low-pressure chemical vapour
    deposition (LP-CVD) processes or plasma-enhanced CVD (PECVD).
  • Roll coating is the one type which requires a good vacuum combined with well controlled deposition sources depositing coatings onto an equally well defined web surfaces.
  • Barrier coatings are of another type used on flexible polymer films and paper for food packaging that is used to reduce the water vapour and oxygen transmission through the paper or polymer film.
  • Vapour Technologies has developed a coating application process which produces corrosion and wear-resistant coatings with a high decorative appearance, and  without generating hazardous waste.
  • The process is highly productive. Deposition occurs over a 360 degree field rather than a 180 degree field.
  • Thus, parts being coated are always in the coating plasma, a significant advantage for film quality and deposition rate.
  • The fundamental concept of vacuum coating is very simple. Liquid coating is pumped into the base of the application
    chamber and due to the vacuum then created, the material flows freely to coat all exposed sides of the work piece that is being passed through the unit.
  • The coating material is then  transferred to work piece inside the vacuum chamber.
  • Any material that has not been transferred is recycled and returned to the reservoir for the next application. So this process is called a “closed-loop system”, it keeps coating costs down, since no coating product is wasted.
  • Some of the benefits of using Vacuum coating technology: Virtually 100% of the coating is transferred to the work piece, with low coating costs, coat all 4 sides or only selected ones, and selective edge application which is called as shrouding.
  • Other advantages are Precise control of film thickness, Thin applications, Time-efficient application & super-fast drying.
  • And also very low operating  maintenance like No frequent cleaning required, Low skill level required – extremely easy to use.
  • Applications for depositing a film or coating in a vacuum environment are numerous.
  • They range from roll coating, glass coating, optical filters
    and lenses, semiconductors, CD mastering to wear and corrosive resisting coatings in a wide variety of industries.
  • Using vacuum deposition methods a range of micro-structured coatings of differing metallic elements have been fabricated for use on high power laser experiments.
  • The Lack of safety in the workplace results in monetary impacts such as Downtime, personal injury and fines or penalties.
  • So Always handle vacuum coating machines with care.
  • Introduction and definition
  • Vacuum Coating: A Clean Technology
  • Automatic vacuum system


  • Aerosol Coating Technology
  • Vapour Deposition Methods
  • Titanium dioxide films
  • Zirconium Dioxide Films
  • Zinc Oxide Films
  • Pulse Thermal Processing
  • Atomic Layer Deposition for Continuous Roll-to-Roll Processing
  • ALD Deposition
  • Deposition of Cr N Films
  • Highly Ionised Gas-Flow Sputtering
  • Cathode-Target Sputtering in a Magnetron
  • High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
  • Oxide Films
  • Electron Beam Deposition
  • Plasma Assisted Technologies
  • Process for Protecting Polycarbonate
  • Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
  • TiAlCNNCN Coatings
  • Retarding Field Analyzer
  • Coating Standards


  • Coatings for Cleantech
    Energy Conversion, Storage and Related Processes
  • Coating Advances and its Impact on the Future of the Vacuum Coating Industry
  • CrN PVD Coatings, Deposited by HIPIMS, Bipolar Dual Cathode Magnetron Sputtering and Electron Beam Processes for Coining Dies Applications
  • Vacuum Processes and
    Coatings for Health Care
  • The Sustainability Benefits of Suspended Particle Device (SPD) Light-Control
  • Successful Industrial Application of HIPIMS Technology


  • High Power Filters for Vacuum Coating
  • Vacuum coater products

Coating process

  • A vacuum coating system especially desiged for aqua feed and pet food
  • Basic Principles of Finishing and the Vacuum Coating Process

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  • Glass Vacuum coating machines


  • Suppliers of Vacuum coaters
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  • Vacuum coaters Suppliers list
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  • Safety Issues


  • David Levy Joins Natcore Technology As Director of Research & Technology
  • Fish feed gets ‘hospital treatment
  • Manz offers vacuum coating for crystalline cells
  • Integran Awarded Patent for Vacuum-Tight Nanometal Coating for Thermoplastic and Composite Parts
  • EU PVSEC: Manz displays new ISS 1200, a compact inline sputter system
  • Transporting means and vacuum coating installation for substrates of different sizes
  • Surface configuration means for vacuum coating device
  • Process for vacuum coating extruded material
  • Vacuum coating system
  • Vacuum coating apparatus
  • Method for coating a plastic container with vacuum vapor deposition


  • Vacuum Metalizing plastic Parts
  • The foundations of Vacuum coating technology
  • Vacuum roll-to-roll coating of flexible products
  • EMI shielding by means of
    Creashield R vacuum coating technology
  • Vacuum Coating of Porous and/or Elastomeric Substrate Materials
  • Adjusting the coating gap and vacuum pressure to minimize
    periodical thickness variation in the slot coating process
  • Vacuum coating and evaporation materials


  • Qualification of Acktar black coatings for space application
  • Study of residual stresses in vacuum plasma sprayed tungsten coatings
  • Structured low density coating studies leading to a novel coating
    plant design
  • Edwards meets the challenge for industrial vacuum coating applications.
  • Apparatus and experimental techniques used in the present study

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