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  • A chemically synthesised chromosome has for the first time been transplanted into a cell to produce a synthetic bacterium.
  • A bacterium called Mycoplasma mycoides whose genome has a total of only 475 genes, the human genome is thought to contain as many as 25000 genes in which all 475 genes of the Mycoplasma mycoides genome, which had been sequenced previously by the group, were synthesised chemically in a test-tube, stitched together to form a complete genome and then transplanted into another closely related but distinct species of bacterium called Mycoplasma capricolum.
  • The creation of the synthetic cell is part of an effort to design a "minimal cell" containing only the most basic genome required for life.
  • Using a computer analogy, one can think of a cell’s cytoplasm as the hardware and the genome as the operating system. A synthetic cell is created
    by synthesizing a genome and installing it into a recipient cytoplasm.
  • An experiment was developed to transplant an artificially created genome of the bacteria Mycoplasma mycoides to a similar bacteria Mycoplasma
  • It is noticeable that, in the biological world, quantization is introduced because all organisms are built from cells and all cells originate from preexisting cells. Many recent experimental and theoretical efforts have been made to determine the minimal size of a synthetic DNA genome
    for self-reproduction.
General Information
  • Synthetic Cell
  • The first synthetic cell
  • About Synthetic Cells

Making Process

  • Making of Synthetic Cells
  • Synthetic Cells
  • Development of an artificial cell, from selforganization
    to computation and self-reproduction
  • An Essential Remarkerfor a
    Minimal, Synthetic Genome
  • First Self-Replicating Synthetic Bacterial Cell
  • Generating a synthetic genome by whole genome
    assembly: X174 bacteriophage from synthetic oligonucleotides
  • Preparation and Use of Synthetic Cell Culture Surfaces
  • Synthetic biology: from bacteria to stem cells
  • Synthetic gene circuits with a cell-free toolbox


  • Synthetic genomics Building a better Bacterium
  • Genome Transplantation in Bacteria: Changing One Species to Another
  • The next step for the Synthetic Genome
  • Synthetic biology and a time for reflection
  • Synthetic Genomics


  • Exporters of Synthetic Cells
  • Synthetic Cell Manufacturer & Suppliers

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  • Consultants from California
  • Consultants from Canada
  • Consultants from Massachusetts
  • Consultants from USA


  • Synthetic cell biology
  • Controlled polymer synthesis—from biomimicry towards synthetic biology
  • Synthetic Genomes for Synthetic Biology
  • Identification of Synthetic Endothelial Cell-Specific Promoters by Use of a High-Throughput Screen
  • Real-time monitoring of cell-free protein synthesis on an NTA-Ni sensor disk:


  • Synthetic Cell Platforms and Methods of Use Thereof
  • Peptides and synthetic cell membranes
  • Synthetic cell-or tissue-specific transcriptional regulatory regions
  • Synthetic genomes
  • Installation of genomes or partial genomes into cells or cell-like systems
  • Methods for cloning and manipulating genome


  • Synthetic life 'advance' reported
  • Life after the synthetic cell
  • Synthetic Biology Design in Escherichia Coli: Working with iGEM Biobrick Parts
  • Chemical Synthesis and the Synthetic Cell

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