Potash from Biomass
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  • Nitrogen, phosphate & Potassium, are the three main nutrients essential for plant growth
  • USA, China, India and Brazil are the major consumers of Potash
  • Bio Sources of Potash are Sea Plants, wood ashes,vinasse,sheep wool,Bottom bed ashes , Animal Waste, Crop Residue, Wood Residue, And Municipal Solid Wastes
  • Biomass can be a cleaner burning fuel than petroleum or coal When burned efficiently, and results in little or no net emission of carbon dioxide.
  • Ashes can be utilized as Fertilizer or raw materials for production of Fertilizer
  • Ash Sources
  • Potash from Ashes
  • Potash sources
  • Potash from Rice Straw
Products & Market Scenario
  • Bio Chemical fertilizers
  • Potash Company
  • Potash from Minerals
  • Potash industry
  • Phosphorous Recovery

Project Information

  • Energy contents in Biomass
  • Biomass combustion
  • Potash from Wood Ashes


  • Bottom bed Ashes from Biomass combustion process
  • Utilization of Ashes from Biomass combustion
  • The purification and recovery of Potash
  • Extraction and Leaching
  • Potash from Wood ashes
  • Separation processes - Washing and leaching
  • Ash Leaching Process
  • Biomasses in advanced biorefineries
  • Research study
  • Leaching Potash from Soil

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