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  • Cooling towers are an integral component of many refrigeration systems, providing comfort or process cooling across a broad range of applications. They are the point in the system where heat is dissipated to the atmosphere through the evaporative process, and are common in industries such as oil refining, chemical processing, power plants, steel mills, and many different manufacturing processes where process cooling is required. They are
    also commonly used to provide comfort cooling for large commercial buildings including airports, office buildings, conference centers, hospitals, and hotels.
  •  By design, cooling towers consume large
    volumes of water through the evaporation
    process to maintain comfort cooling or process cooling needs
  • “Green” chemistry programs exist primarily to replace traditional treatments that have been deemed harmful for environmental reasons.
    “Green” chemistries often don’t result in
    improved thermal efficiency or reduced water consumption, but provide environmental
    compliance and reduced discharge of harmful or illegal substances.
  • Traditionally, to eliminate scale build-up, most cooling towers throughout industry use chemicals
    that are increasingly hazardous to the environment and adversely affect wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Chemical free water treatment for cooling towers are required to enhance the quality of water thereby reducing energy consumption of air conditioning chiller and improving COC (Cycle of concentration) for cooling tower without affecting its efficiency.
  • There are a number of chemical free water treatment technologies available today
  • Non-chemical devices (NCD) have been marketed in the water treatment industry to control or eliminate scale, corrosion, deposition and microbiological growths in cooling tower and boiler systems
  • Technologies need to be evaluated for particular application after studying & comparison
  • There are good number companies supplying these technology details & equipments
  • Water consumption, Power consumption and Maintenance of these systems are to be assessed to make the Choice
  • The initial expense of the “green” technology is considerably higher than the tried-and-true chemical treatment program
  • Therefore Cost Benefit analysis can help decide the final choice

Basic Information

  • Cooling Towers
  • The water treatment methods for cooling towers
  • Chemical free Cooling Tower treatment
  • Chemically Free method of control

Technology Details & Sources

  • Cooling System Design
  • Treatment Considerations For Open Evaporative Cooling Water Systems
  • Reducing Water Use on Campus: Cooling Towers
  • Vortex Mechanism
  • Technology - description
  • Patented Technology
  • Netherlands Technology

Chemical Free Treatments

  • Water Treatment Alternative for
    Cooling Towers & Evaporative Condensers
  • Catalyst-Based Nonchemical Water Treatment System
  • Non-Chemical Water Treatment Devices
  • Biological Control in Cooling Water Systems
  • Electronic Cooling Tower Water Treatment
  • Ozone Treatment for Cooling Towers
  • Hydrodynamic Cavitations
  • Controlling Cooling Water Quality by Hydrodynamic Cavitations
  • Zeo Prep Filters with WS 1 Backwash Control Valve

Equipment Suppliers

  • USA Company
  • USA Company contact
  • Company in India
  • USA Company & Products
  • German Company
  • German Company
  • List of Equipment suppliers

Evaluation & Testing

  • Chemical vs. Non-chemical Cooling Water
    Treatments – Comparison
  • Report - Non-Chemical Water Treatment Device Evaluation
  • Green Book Technology Summary Report
  • Product evaluation - Case Study
  • Assessment of Technology : Non-chemical Water Treatment
  • Evaluation of Non-Chemical Treatment
    Technologies for Cooling Towers
  • Finding of the Tests
  • Non-chemical Water treatment Trials
  • Contradicting Views

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