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  • Magnesium sulphate is also known as the mineral kieserite.
  • Magnesium sulfate occurs naturally in seawater, mineral springs and in minerals such as kieserite and epsomite
  • Two main forms of Magnesiam Sulphate are Kieserite, which typically contains 25%
    MgO + 50% SO3 and Epsom salts
    which is the hepta hydrated version with
    very rapid and high solubility for foliar use
  • Kieserite is primarily obtained from deep underground deposits of minerals
  • The ore is brought to the surface where the magnesium salts are separated from potassium and sodium salts using a unique, dry electrostatic (ESTA) process.
  • Kieserite forms naturally in marine evaporate deposits where seawater has been concentrated and exposed to prolonged evaporation
  • The fine crystalline kieserite is sold for direct application to soil, or it is granulated to a larger particle size that is better suited
    for mechanical fertilizer spreading or for bulk blending with other fertilizers
  • Since kieserite is an earth mineral mined from naturally occurring deposits, it is permitted as an organic nutrient source by some organic certifying agencies.
  • Kieserite itself is not used as foliar fertilizer or in fertigation systems, but it serves as
    raw material for the production of Epsom salt
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  • Granular Magnesium Sulfate (Kieserite)
  • Magnesium Sulfate Monohydrate (Kieserite)
  • Powder and granular or color granular kieserite
  • Kieserite Calcined
  • ESTA Kieserite
  • Msds
  • Magnesium sulfate, anhydrous
  • KiesÚrite 25+50
  • Safety Information
  • Product composition
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  • Method of treating ground crude potassium salts that contain Kieserite
  • Recovery from Crude Mineral  salts
  • Process for reducing kieserite
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  • Kieserite Group
  • Technology Plant Constructions
  • Magnesium Sulphate
  • Environmental Aspects & Potash Mining
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