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  • The types of Potash are Sylvite, Carnallite, Polyhalite and Langbenite,
  • The  largest markets are for Sylvite, Polyhalite and Langbenite
  • The carnallite form of potash is made up of potassium magnesium chloride and water.
  • Carnallite is found in many saline marine deposits in many countries
  • Mining and processing of Carnallite is  to produce muriate of potash (“MOP”) KCl.MgCl2.H2O
  • Carnallite can be processed utilizing solar decomposition and froth flotation to produce standard MOP
  • Carnallite is found in the underground salt deposits mined for potash . The potassium chloride content of carnallite is valuable since it can be sold as fertilizer; the magnesium chloride content must be removed and is of little commercial value.
  • Engineering Scoping Study for the production of one Metric ton per year of potash gives an estimated capital cost of about billion USD
Background Information
  • Product Profile
  • Kinds of Potash

Project Information

  • Project in Ethiopia
  • Project in Eritrea
  • Project in Congo
  • Project in Canada
  • Project in Saskatchewan
  • Project in Arizona
  • Project in Colluli
  • Project in Mexico
  • Project in Jordan
  • Project in Wynyard
Technology Information
  • Processing of Carnallite
  • Synthesis
  • Research Report
  • Refinement
  • Technology , Engineering & Plant construction
  • Preparation of Anhydrous Magnesium Chloride
    from Ammonium Carnallite
Patents Information
  • Process for the production of potassium chloride & Magnesium chloride from Carnallite
  • Crystallization of potassium chloride from Carnallite decomposition
  • Method of dehydrating Carnallite
  • Treatment of Carnallite Ores
  • Carnallite Preparation - edible
  • Brine mining from Carnallite mine

Company reports

  • Company Australia
  • Company Israel
  • Company Mumbai
  • Company Saskatchewan
  • Company USA
Market Information
  • Product of Israel
  • Scoping Study
  • Consultant - Market study
  • Consultant Market reports

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