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  • Platinum is a chemical element with the chemical symbol Pt and an atomic number of 78.

  • Platinum has an atomic weight of 195.23, which gives it a density almost as great as gold.

  • Platinum appears silver-white and firm.

  • Platinum has a melting point of 2041.55 K (1768.4°C or 3215.1°F), boiling point of 4098 K (3825°C or 6917°F), specific gravity of 21.45 (20 °C).

  • Platinum is often called the “most precious metal” or the “rarest of the precious metals”.  

  • Platinum is a soft, dense, ductile metal that is very resistant to corrosion.

  • Platinum is considered to be non-toxic.

  • Platinum is a relatively rare, chemically inert, metallic element that is more valuable than gold.

  • In jewelry, typically 5% other metals are added to the platinum to make an alloy soft enough to set precious stones securely in the jewelry settings.

  • Platinum nanoparticles provide a route for the development of catalysts that use less platinum without sacrificing catalytic performance. 

  • Platinum is the most important of the group of elements called the platinum metals, the other members of which are ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, and iridium. 

  • Platinum is used in a variety of medical devices to treat heart disease, stroke, neurological disorders, chronic pain, and other life threatening conditions.

  • Common use for platinum is in the creation of autocatalysis for motor vehicles.

  • Platinum has become an important industrial metal.

  • As technology improves, platinum is finding a growing role in the electronics industry.

  • Platinum is mined in a similar way to gold and is found in only a few places worldwide, including South Africa, Russia, and Canada. Currently, South Africa produces the largest amount of platinum with roughly 80% . 

  • General Information
  • History Of Platinum
  • Platinum crisis and its implications for the future of the automobile
  • Platinum Dark Horse, Bright Future
  • Platinum Group Metals
  • A Guide to Platinum Alloys
  • Platinum Labware


  • Buckeye Platinum
  • Permanon Car Platinum Supershine
  • Platinum Cobalt Color Standard
  • Platinum Metal, Powder
  • Platinum
  • Platinum Plus
  • Platinum Scrap
  • Verigold Test Kit Platinum
  • Platinum Wire


  • Product Guide
  • Platinum Stock Products

Manufacturing process

  • Pgm In Glass Manufacturing
  • Platinum Mass-Finishing


  • Recovering Platinum Group Metals
  • Immersion Platinum Plating Solution
  • Recovery of Platinum From Deactivated Catalysts
  • Platinum Rhenium Catalyst

Guide Line

  • Platinum Equipment Resistance and Handling
  • Health Guideline For Soluble Platinum Salts


  • The History Of The Platinum Process
  • Mineral Processing Advances


  • Platinum Maintenance and Support

Fact Sheet

  • Platinum Basic Fact Sheet
  • Platinum Contribution To South Africa
  • Implats Distinctly Platinum


  • Laboratory equipment
    made of platinum


  • Platinum Mining in Distress
  • Productivity in Platinum Mining
  • Review of Platinum Mining
  • Platinum Mining in Alaska
  • Applications on the Platinum Mine
  • The Environmental Costs of Platinum-PGM Mining
  • Platinum Group Metals
  • Modikwa Platinum Mine
  • Overview of the Platinum Group Metals
  • Platinum Mining at Rustenburg
  • Two Rivers Platinum Mine
  • South African platinum miners


  • Platinum Suppliers Guide

  • Suppliers From India
  • Suppliers From UK

Company profiles

  • Company from Canada
  • Company from Dubai
  • Company from London
  • Company from Northlands
  • Company from Sandton
  • Company from South Africa
  • Platinum Today
  • Anglo American
  • Monex Precious Metals


  • Homogeneous Platinum  Catalysts
  • Revised Technical Report
  • Stockpiling of Non-energy Raw Materials


  • Bactericidal Properties of Carbohydrate-stabilized Platinum Oxide Nanoparticles
  • Platinum Group Metals for Electronics Manufacturers
  • Platinum Catalysts Used
    in the Silicones Industry
  • Materials Accounting
  • In Situ and Ex Situ of Platinum Nanocrystals
  • Communities in the Platinum Minefields
  • Platinum in Medical Applications


  • Platinum Alloy For Jewelry
  • Alternative Materials to Replace Platinum in Catalytic and Electrocatalytic Applications
  • Construction and Application of Platinum Temperature Sensors
  • Investigations of Platinum
    Materials for Applications in Glass Fiber Bushings
  • Platinum in Medical Applications
  • The Platinum Resistance
  • Platinum Base Alloys for High Temperature  Space Applications


  • Platinum in the Glass Industry
  • Mechanical Properties of the Platinum Group Metals
  • Industrial Use of the Platinum Metals
  • Platinum-clad Equipment
    for Handling Molten Glass
  • Platinum Group Metals

Mining Report

  • Report On Mining
  • Assess The Dominant Circumstances And Factors
  • Revised Technical Report

Mining Company

Mining Equipment Suppliers
  • Suppliers From China
  • Suppliers From Dubai
Mining Suppliers
  • Suppliers List

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