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  • The Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) consist of a group of 6 chemically very similar elements which are further classified as the light platinum metals ruthenium (Ru) rhodium (Rh) palladium (Pd) and the heavy platinum metals iridium (Ir), osmium (Os), and platinum (Pt).
  • Platinum is the metal that is the commercially most important of all the PGMs, having the largest range of applications from jewelry to autocatalysts to electronics. Because of the unique properties of PGMs, substitutes for these elements are practically nonexistent, although they can in some situations substitute each other.
  • PGMs are extracted either as main metals (with co-production of all PGMs) or as a by-product of nickel mining.
  • The largest primary (mine) producers of PGMs are South Africa and Russia, together accounting for more than 85% of world primary supply.
  • Other producers are Canada & Zimbabwe
  • The high prices of PGMs have encouraged the establishment of efficient recycling chains
  • The main driver for the demand for platinum, palladium and rhodium is the need for emission reduction from motorized transport and the related legislation obliging the automotive industry to equip gasoline and diesel engines with catalytic converters.
Basic Information
  • PGM Materials - what they are?

Processing of Ores

  • PGM Processing
  • Extraction and Refining
    of the Platinum Metals
  • Extraction & Beneficiation
  • Refining & Fabrication
  • Recycling - Acid Leeching

Company Information

  • Precious Metal Compounds and Catalysts
  • Company performance analysis
  • MNC -Overview
  • Mining companies of South Africa

Production Reports

  • Platinum Metals - 2014
  • World production data - 2016
  • World production data - 2017


Project Information
  • Platinum Project proposed
  • Project Feasibility Report

Market Scenario

  • The precious Metals Supply Chain
  • Global Exploration and Production Capacity
  • Outlook - 2015
  • Platinum & Palladium Market outlook - 2016
  • Platinum-Group MetalsóWorld Supply and Demand
  • Critical & Scarce raw materials
  • Materials critical to the energy industry
  • Materials situation in Germany & the World
  • Recycling the Platinum Group Metals
  • Business Opportunities - Fuel Cells Industry
  • Recycling
  • Advertising Platinum

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