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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Silica gel is the desiccant of choice for a wide range of applications such as; air-drying, aerospace and defence telecoms, pharmaceutical, rail maintenance and electronic goods manufacturer
  • Silica gel used for Pharmaceutical applications is to be approved by FDA and in their DMF
  • Such approval puts the product in high value segment and the technology can be obtained from patent holders, companies in the field already or with technical consultants help
  • A drug master file may be for a bulk drug or for a formulation. A drug master file declared by the company provides in detail the manufacturing place, physicochemical properties, pharmacodynamic kinetic, toxicology studies of the bulk drugs and formulations, therapeutic class, dosage form, strength, route of administration, labeling, packaging
  • Filing a drug master file at USFDA by a company is an indication that the company is claiming its capability in manufacturing and having a facility complying USFDA rules and regulations.
  • It is believed that China is the immediate competitor to Indian pharmaceutical industry
  • India has filed 60 DMFs contributing to 7% which is very low.
  • Drug master filing at USFDA in one of the parameters that helps in knowing the potentiality of a country in the field of pharmaceuticals


Basic Information

  • About Silica Gel

  • Chromatographic techniques

  • Columns and Accessories

  • Drug Master Filing

Companies & Products

  • Company - USA

  • Company - India

  • Company - process purification

  • Company - Dmf file

  • Company - Sorbent Packets

  • Company - India

  • Company - Singapore

Trade & Technology Information
  • Desiccant canisters for medical applications
  • Packaging Systems
  • Shelf Life Extention
  • Desiccant Technology
  • Desiccant Chart
  • Desiccant dispensing
  • Plasmid Purification
  • Preparation of an Enzymatically active formulations embedded in Silica gel
  • Silica Gel
  • Patent Facilitation Centre
  • Consultants - Patents
  • Method of producing Silica gel
  • Silica gel bonded with Cucurbituril
  • Silica Solmaterial for producing resorbable Silica Gel
  • Silica gel Material


  • Synthesis of silica aerogels and their application as a drug delivery system
  • Silica Aerogel: Synthesis and Applications

Project Information

  • Desiccant System
  • Consultant - DMF Services
  • Project Consultant
  • Consultant - product development
  • Silicon Dioxide GRAS Notification
  • Medical Device Quality Management System

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