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  • Samrt Glass is glass—for windows, displays, etc.—to which “smarts” have been added, either by coating or laminating some smart
    material or by embedding sensors or other electronics. Smart glass can be used in buildings and also in cars and trucks
  • Smart glasses are computing devices worn in front of the
  • Smart Glass works like a Android tablet Smart Glass runs a standard Android platform. Users can download over 70 thousands Android apps.
  • There are about 30 different companies that build smart glasses of different types. But there are two broad categories.
  • One being like Google Glass with a single optical display element that you look at
    when you need the information.
    The other piece is what we call dual lens overlay glasses.
    Those are glasses you wear that are transparent that put information on top of your view
  • ‘Smart Glasses’ have the appearance of a pair of spectacles with a built-in computer and a small display unit over one eye. The wearer can use them to perform a number of functions such as browsing the internet, following instructions/directions, reading e-mails, messaging, gaming and recording images. ‘Smart Glass’ technology is already being used by the public in countries like the United States and Taiwan
Background Information
  • Basics
  • Augmented Reality
  • Benefits
  • Safety while in use

Companies & Products

  • American Technology
  • Innovative products
  • Eyes-On Glasses System
  • Software company
  • Wearable Electronics
  • The wearableas as prescription eyewear
  • Interactive 3 D experiences
  • Glasses for Architecture & design
  • Smart display systems
  • Real time sharing
  • Links to companies
  • Switch able glasses
  • Innovative Glass
  • Laminate Glass
  • Privacy Glass
  • LCD Products
  • Solar Smart Glasses
  • SPD Smart glass

Technology Information

  • Technology Brief
  • AR in the eyes of wearable device users
  • Electronically Switch able Glass
  • Designs - basics
  • Double Glazing
  • Product evaluation
  • Smart Films - specifications
  • Prescription frame and lens solution
  • LCD Smart Glass - specifications
  • Low-cost sensor technology
  • Machine to machine technology
  • Glass Screens - specification
  • Frontiers of technology
  • Sensor Designs
  • Wearable computing
  • Switch able Glass technology
  • Wearable computing technology
  • Technology Trends

Markets &  Applications 

  • Market Brief
  • Smart Glasses for Business
  • Future predicted
  • Detect Patient Veins for Precise IV Placement
  • Visual aids for the partially sighted
  • Company performance
  • Dealer program for projection screens
  • Newsletter
  • Wearable Technology Market Consultant
  • Technology products for the elderly

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