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  • Some of the electronic products are eDigital ICs, Analog and Mixed-Signal ICs, Power Sources, Test & Measurement Equipment ,Passive Components (LCR, etc.), Control Devices, Subassemblies, and Electromechanical Devices, Discrete Semiconductors, Computers & Peripherals, Optoelectronic Devices, Packaging & Interconnections.
  • Electronic Products pricing includes: Individual Pricing, Product Form Pricing, Quantity Pricing, Bundled Pricing, Customer Segment Pricing, Geographical Pricing, Promotional Pricing.
  • India’s electronics hardware sector is looking forward to an era of strong growth, with impetus coming from several sectors such as computers, industrial electronics, consumer electronics, and communications.
  • The semiconductor design industry in India was estimated to be worth US$624 million in 2005, and is expected to increase to US$1.72 billion by 2010 with an average growth rate of 23% a year between 2005 and 2010, according to research by iSuppli.
  • The trend towards digitalisation, enabling convergence of technologies is spearheaded by the developments in the semi-conductor technology. Semi-conductors today are the driving force of electronic industry and represent over 50% of the production output globally in the electronic components sector.
  • ST is a world leader in developing and supplying the enabling silicon technology in all the market segments that offer the most exciting growth opportunities in India’s electronics industry.
  • With industry analysts expecting electronics manufacturing in India to grow at a rate some 5.5 times greater than the overall worldwide growth rate, India is poised to become a major player in the worldwide electronics manufacturing industry and ST emphasized the depth of support and the breadth of products, platforms and technologies that it offers customers in India.
  • A huge domestic market provides opportunities for India to build on its established chip design capabilities and become an attractive location for semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Semiconductor companies would gain considerable benefits if they could locate manufacturing in the same country as their design operations, but, at present, there are no major chip fabrication plants in India. Semiconductor companies will be attracted to India by the large potential domestic market for electronic products. Rising consumer spending is benefiting the consumer electronics and automobile industries, which provides new opportunities for semiconductor vendors as mature markets in other regions begin to reach saturation.
  • "Semiconductor Manufacturing Opportunities Emerge in India" — As well as being well placed to serve the domestic market, semiconductor vendors with manufacturing facilities in India will have huge opportunities for contract manufacturing in the region.
  • "Major Chip Makers Continue to Invest in India" — Chip makers with operations in India are well placed to exploit opportunities in the growing local market electronic products.
  • While all Asian governments consider electronics industries key to their economic development, the level of government involvement and variety of support methods vary among nations. The various mechanisms used by Asian governments include direct R&D investments, trade policies, technology transfers, tax incentives and investment subsidies, and training and consulting services
  • SME Initiative offers hot prospect for recovery of electronic waste
  • Afimilk Palmtop Link for Dairy Management
  • Electro Spot Testing Kit for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys
  • National Instruments develops toolkit to power LEGO robots
  • Wagner Moisture Measurement Technology

Company Profiles

  • Arrow Electronics
  • Casil Electronic Products Ltd
  • COSY Communications
  • Crawford Hansford & Kimber Ltd
  • ESI Electronic Products Corp.
  • Pioneer
  • Wagner Electronics
  • Watchman Electronics
  • Hitachi
  • Teledyne Technologies

Plant Details

  • Flextronics
  • Dalian Alps Electronics
  • Copper Clad Laminate Manufacturing Plant
  • PCB Board Making Plant
  • Pricol
  • Tyco Electronics Telecom outside Plant

Associations Of Electronic Industries

  • Electronics Manufacturing Shackled Under Liberalisation
  • National Electrical manufacturers Association
  • Consumer Electronics Association
  • The International Association Of Electronic Keyboard Manufacturers
  • Japan Electronic Products Importers Association
Products And Components
  • Electroswitch Electronic Products
  • Panasonic Electronic Components
  • Raychem Products
  • Reynolds Electronic Components
  • Sharp Products
  • Electronic Components Division Products
  • Product Category
  • Products List
  • Infineon Product Categories

Products Suppliers

  • Exporter, Importer- Electronic Products, Components
  • Electronic Components Suppliers Listings
  • Electronic Components, Spares Manufacturers
  • Suppliers Of Electronic Components And Devices
  • Electronic Components Suppliers
  • Electronics & Electrical @ ExportersIndia
  • Indian Suppliers Directory
  • Indian Exporters & Manufacturers
  • Electronic Products & Components Trade Leads
  • Electronic Product suppliers

Departments Dealing With Electronic Industries

  • e-Government Policy Framework for Electronic Records Management
  • Anti-Spam Action Plan for Canada
  • Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
  • Electronic waste poses mounting challenge
  • Government Documents Electronic Products
  • Department Of Information Technology


  • Embedded Software Design And Development
  • Electrical Fittings Manufacturing
  • Wireless Handset Manufacturing
  • Designing a 4-Channel A/D Application with the PIC12C671
  • 8051 Microcontroller Projects
  • BASIC Stamp Projects
  • PicBasic Pro Compiler Projects
  • 8 Bit Single Channel Voltmeter
  • Allied Electronics Price List
  • Apogee Products Price List
  • Electronics Kits Price list
  • Price Modeling in Standards for Electronic Product
  • Short Form Catalog & Price List
  • Pricing Electronic Goods

Rules And Regulations

  • Electronic Products License Agreement
  • Managing The License Of Electronic Products
  • Electronic Product Management issues
  • Trade Policy for Electronic Products
  • License Agreement For Electronic Products And services
  • Electronic Products License Agreement
  • Impact Of Electronic Goods Trading On customs Revenue

Consultants and Testing Services

  • Alden Group
  • Prime Design Consulting
  • Plextek Consulting
  • Ricardo
  • Spencer Stuart Consultants
  • Microchip Consultants
  • Quality Certification
  • Design Test

Financial Support And Investment

  • Scottish Enterprise
  • Electronic Industry In Calcutta
  • Industries In Malaysia
  • Investment Environment And Incentives For Malaysian Investors India
  • Revenue Collection Infrastructure For Electronic Goods
  • Semi conductor Design And Manufacturing Opportunities In India

Incentives offered by The Government

  • Investment Incentives-Goa
  • Government  Strategies
  • Incentives Offered By The Government Of Andhra Pradesh for New Projects
  • Electronic Industries Alliance
  • Incentives For Investors
  • Korean Electronics Industry
  • Invest In Kerala

Sub- Contracts And Industrial Estates

  • Delta Electronics Inc.,
  • Rapid Electronics
  • Industrial Support Inc.
  • AirBorn Electronics
  • eSRS


  • National Electronics Product Stewardship Initiative
  • Electronic Asia
  • Irresistible Electronics turbulent Times
  • Componex/ElectronicIndia
  • Global Electronic Markets and Global Traditional Markets
  • Nikkei Electronics Asia
  • Optimal Market
  • Samsung Global Localization
  • Semiconductor Market Overview
  • Preliminary Television Market and Industry Research


  • Japanese Market Report
  • Electronic Product Reliability Reports Online
  • Impact Of The RoHS Directive On Electronic Products
  • Electrical And Electronic Products Infrastructure Facilitation
  • 2004 Annual Report
  • Annual Report 2005

Future Trends

  • Evolution And Future Of Global Outsourcing
  • iSuppli Reaffirms 2006 Semiconductor Forecast
  • World Semiconductor Leader Sees Bright Future for the Indian Electronics Industry
  • Future Trends in Private Equity Investment worldwide
  • Semiconductor Market To peak in 2007


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