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  • Smart textiles are Textiles with the ability to react to different physical stimuli; mechanical, elec-trical, thermal and chemical so on
  • Electronic textiles, or smart textiles, describe the convergence of electronics
    and textiles into fabrics which are able to sense, compute, communicate
    and actuate
  • Wearable Technology is about any electronic device small enough to be worn on the body
  • Interactive Textiles is also called
    Wearable technology that is integrated into a garment or controlled by an inte-grated panel or button.
  • The overall size of the global smart textile market was estimated to be USD 289.5 million in 2012 and expected to exceed USD 1,500 million by 2020.
  • Sport and fitness applications are predicted to see the fastest growth along with health and medical applications
Background Information
  • The concept
  • Smart textile garments and devices
  • Intelligent textiles
  • Smart Textiles & Wearable Technologies
  • eTextile
  • FAQ - video clips

Companies & Products

  • Aerospace Company
  • Woven cable configurations
  • Woven Electronic Engineering products
  • Smart Watch

Technology Information

  • Woven Electronic Textiles
  • Technology & Design
  • Device for Sitting Posture Monitoring
  • Consultant- wearable Technologies
  • Single heat element
  • Smart Switch
  • Technology Consultant
  • Acoustic Sensing
  • Design framework for wearable electronic textiles
  • Smart Cap
  • Smart Fabrics

Markets &  Applications 

  • Intimate Care - medical applications
  • Market Brief
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Potentials of eTextiles

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