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Project At a Glance

  • Teleradiology is the electronic transmission of radiographic images from one geographical location to another for the purposes of interpretation and consultation.
  • Teleradiology is already a fact of life in many hospitals and, to many, heralds the age of telemedicine. Using teleradiology, digital images can be sent  throughout the hospital and to radiologists at home for on-call reading.
  • In teleradiology, the center of the operation is the hospital server which stores the clinical studies that are the source of images that radiologists at home will review and what clinicians in the hospital will see.
  • Teleradiology technology helps hospitals get on-call diagnostic medical interpretations quickly and accurately. With remote teleradiology technology and round-the-clock coverage, teleradiology services help hospitals to continually service patients.
  • By outsourcing Teleradiology to India, overseas hospitals can be assured of competent and trained professionals, time zone adherence to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) mandates and round the clock services.
  • The teleradiology reporting service may not have the same degree of access to previous investigations and reports as a clinical radiologist working within the primary department. Failure to have full access to clinical information and previous investigations will be contrary to routine practice and is likely to compromise the quality of care.

Contents on the CD

  • An Introduction to Teleradiology
  • Faq
  • Teleradiology – A Guidance
  • Implementation of an International Teleradiology
  • Teleradiology in Practice
  • Teleradiology: Threat or Opportunity
  • Guidelines On Teleradiology
  • Useful Links


  • The Impact of Teleradiology
  • Technological Advances in Teleradiology
  • New in Teleradiology
  • The Next Level Up in Teleradiology
  • Teleradiology Technology
  • Web Technology

Safety And Standards

  • Security Aspects in Teleradiology Workflow
  • ACR Standard for Teleradiology
  • Critique Teleradiology
  • Legal Issues in Teleradiology
  • Teleradiology Standard
  • Patents

Business Opportunity

  • Teleradiology Business Opportunities
  • e-Radiology Enhances Marketing Opportunities
  • Business Opportunities in India
  • The Nebraska Statewide Telehealth Network
  • Telemedicine Business Plan
Teleradiology Systems
  • Hipax System
  • Implementation of a Teleradiology System
  • Picture Archiving and Communication System
  • Radiology and Imaging equipment
  • Medicus
  • Chili
  • Unipacs
  • Building blocks
  • A Dial up Digital Teleradiology System
  • Mobile teleradiology systems
Service providers
  • Scan International
  • HealthCare
  • Radiology Services, Inc
  • Teleradiology Associates
  • General Hospital
  • Medinet Systems
  • NightHawk Radiology Services
  • Telerad Inc
  • Radiology Solutions
  • TeleDiagnosys Services  


  • Digital Imaging
  • Decisions in Imaging Economics
  • PACS and Teleradiology
  • International Teleradiology
  • Nighthawking Radiology Services
  • Quality of Outsourced Radiology Assured
  • Teleradiology Today
  • Teleradiology Overview
  • E letters
  • Healthcare Management

Working Mechanism

  • Medicine in the Dark
  • Requirements and Proposed Mechanisms
  • Confidential Storage and Transmission of Medical Image Data
  • Digital Medical Imaging
  • Internet Allows Remote Medical Image Viewing
  • Teleradiology and Radiographic Imaging
  • Medical Imaging Networks and Telemedicine
  • iPod Helps Radiologists Manage Medical Images
  • Military Digital Imaging Review
  • Medical Imaging
  • Transferring Medical Images on the World Wide Web
  • Transmission of Medical Images
  • Delivering Imaging to Primary Care


  • Remote Ultrasound Transmission Project
  • IT-based Co-operation and Networking
  • Teleradiology Project for Latvia
  • Health Informatics WG2 
  • South Scotland Telemedicine Network

Market and Future
  • Teleradiology: Present and Future
  • Teleradiology Growing
  • Teleradiology in the Emergency Department
  • Health care
  • Small Companies Shape Teleradiology Market
  • Market Watch
  • Market Facts
  • The future of Teleradiology


  • Teleradiology in India
  • India to be Teleradiology hub
  • Offshoring Radiology Services to India
  • Teleradiology Outsourcing Still Cheaper
  • Memorial Lecture
  • Teleradiology Outsourcing
  • Break a bone
  • International Teleradiology
  • Radiology Outsourcing Survey
  • Teleradiology is to Stay Here
  • Teleradiology in Singapore


  • The Cost Effectiveness of Teleradiology
  • Teleradiology Means Access for Rural Regions
  • Teleradiology Today
  • Costs of Hardware and Communications
  • Examining Cost Effectiveness of Telemedicine
  • Evaluation


  • Teleradiology Applications with DICOM-e-mail
  • Benefits
  • Moving Images Not Patients
  • Teleradiology Applications
  • Uses of Telemedicine
  • Benefits of Teleradiology


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