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  • An adhesive consisting of organic colloids of a complex protein structure obtained from animal materials such as bones and hides in meat packing and tanning industries. Glue contains two groups of proteins: chondrin, which accounts for its adhesive strength, and glutin, which contributes jelling strength.
  • Animal glue is a protein derived from the simple hydrolysis of collagen, which is the principal protein constituent of animal hide, connective tissue and bones. Collagen, animal glue, and gelatin are very closely related as to protein and chemical composition.
  • As a protein, animal glue is essentially composed of polyamides of certain alpha-amino acids. It is believed that these acids are not present in glue in the free state, but rather as residues which are joined together by the elimination of water to form long polypeptide chains.
  • Animal glues are soluble only in water, and are insoluble in oils, waxes, organic solvents, and absolute alcohol; however, they may be emulsified in water-oil or oil-water systems under proper conditions. One of the more interesting properties of animal glue solutions is their ability to pass from a liquid to a jelled state upon cooling, and then revert to the liquid state upon re-heating.
  • Gelatin is a translucent brittle solid substance, colorless or slightly yellow, nearly tasteless and odorless, extracted from the collagen inside animals' connective tissue. It has been commonly used in food, pharmaceutical, photography, and cosmetic manufacturing. Substances containing gelatin or functioning in a similar way are called gelatinous.Gelatin is a protein produced by partial hydrolysis of collagen extracted from connective tissues of animals.
  • Animal hide glues are useful for woodworking and veneer work. Made from the hides as well as the bones and other portions of animals, the glue is sold either ready-made or as a powder or flake that can be mixed with water, heated, and applied hot.
  • The worldwide production amount of gelatin is about 300,000 tons per year (roughly 600 million lbs). On a commercial scale, gelatin is made from by-products of the meat and leather industry, mainly pork skins, pork and cattle bones, or split cattle hides. Recently, by-products of the fishery industry began to be considered as raw material for gelatin production because they eliminate most of the religious obstacles surrounding gelatin consumption.
 General Information
  • History of Adhesives
  • Glue
  • Gelatin
  • Animal glue
  • Overview of Animal glue
  • Water-Resistant animal glue

Production process and Technology

  • Manufacturing process of glue
  • Gelatin manufacturing process
  • Hide glue production
  • Cyanoacrylate glues production
  • Production of Animal skin glue
  • Water-Resistant animal glue production
  • Early European technology of Hand made papers
  • H.B.Fuller technologies for adhesives
  • Adhesives earlier technology
  • High Temperature Resistance Conductive Glue

Products, Functions and Applications

  • J.Hewit & Sons Animal glue products
  • Consistency of animal glue
  • Water adsorption by animal glue
  • Snake venom derived fribrin glue as an inducer of tendineous healing in dogs
  • Chemistry of filled animal glue systems
  • Overview of uses of animal glue
  • Sizing paper
  • Applications of animal glue

Consultants and Project

  • CV of Mr.Louis Charles gerstenfeld
  • The adhesive and sealant council,inc.
  • The Chemquest Group,inc.
  • CV of Mr.Kellar Autumn
  • CV of Mr.Christian Jarling
  • CV of Mr.Kapil narayan channa
  • The cell 31A project
  • Study of the painting Lamentation on the dead Christ by Agnolo di Cosimo di Mariano


  • Biocompatible Glue
  • Dry flexible glue compositions and method of making same
  • Glue chipped glass and method
  • Animal glue hardening composition and article ant method of manufacturing thereof
  • Human glue trap for rats, mice and other vermin having carbomal in the bait
  • Method of manufacture decorative laminate to provide glue dateable back surface
  • Paper product and glue  
  • Release medium having transferable glue lines


Company Profiles
  • Stauf USA
  • U.S.Adhesives
  • Jiwan Group
  • Rohilkhand Chemicals & Proteins Pvt. Ltd.
  • S.P.Associates
  • Tallo Compounder

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Glue board for tin cat
  • Mouse glue tray
  • Waterproof matches
  • Rat glue board
  • Coated abrasives
  • Star Brite Super Glue Gel
  • Rabbit Skin Glue


  • Adhesives market
  • Seafood into super glue
  • Ethanol production down, but packaging and adhesive uses are up
  • Animal glue from Germany
  • Journal of the society of American period furniture makers
  • Communication feature


  • A staff-industry collaborative report
  • Brief survey of wood adhesives
  • Public health assessment report
  • Water-based adhesives forecast to match industry growth
  • Gluing characteristics of chinquapin, Tanok, California laurel, Madrone
  • Prosper De Mulder Ltd. company report
  • Animal glues: their manufacture, testing and preparation

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Buyers

  • Derchances Trading Ltd.
  • List of Suppliers of animal glue
  • Shanghai Delong Glue Co., Ltd.
  • P. Subbaraj & Co.
  • List of gluing equipment suppliers
  • China suppliers of gelatin
  • Animal glue exporters
  • List of adhesives suppliers
  • Animal glue suppliers
  • Gelatin exporters
  • Gelatin producers
  • Indian exporters and manufacturers of animal glue
  • Indian exporters and manufacturers of gelatin
  • Selling leads of animal glue
  • Foreign buyers of animal glue


  • Hide Glue FAQ
  • Choosing right glue

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