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 About Chinese Medicines

  • Herbalism - Chinese Herbalism - Questions and Answers.
  • Ayurvedic Herbology - Ayurveda Herbal Medicine and its relation to Chinese Herbal Medicine.
  • Acupuncture &Traditional Medicine
  • Acupuncture catalogue - Online catalogue search technique explained with acupuncture
  • Canada regulations - Drugs Directorate Policy on Management of Drug Submissions.
  • Screening the active constituents of Chinese medicinal herbs as potent inhibitors of Cdc25 tyrosine phosphatase, an activator of the mitosis-inducing p34cdc2 kinase
  • Chinese and Ayurveda - electromagnetic evaluations for individuals
  • Cytochrome - Effect of several Chinese Natural Health Products of human cytochrome P450 Metabolism
  • Drug Interactions - Chinese Herbal Concept of Interaction of Drugs.
  • Ephedra - Ephedra sinica in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Herbal Formula - Chinese Medicinal Herbal Formula ZYD88 Inhibits Cell Growth and Promotes Cell Apoptosis in Prostatic Tumor Cells.
  • Herbs & Heart - Public Distrust of Modern Medicine, Risk Ratio, Cardiotoxicity, Interactions with Prescribed Medicines
  • Hepatitis C Virus - Chinese Traditional Medicine for HCV, Medicine Philosophy, Medicine Diagonses for HCV, Medicine Therapy for HCV.
  • Tibetan Medicine - Herbal Sources of Tibetan Medicines, Overview, Resources, Dharma Haven's Tibetan Medicine Page, Web Sites
  • Policies & Regulations - Hong Kong Passes Chinese Medicine Bill to regulate TCM Practice.

Important Medicinal Plants & their Profiles

  • Aizoaceae - Flora of China
  • Asian Rare Species - List and Pictures of rare and precious plants of Yunnan, South-West China.
  • Ascension - Chinese herbs indirectly support ascension through the balancing of elements and energetic flow through the meridian system, kundahlini, sexual energy system and digestive energy system.
  • Colocasia lihengiae - Colocasia lihengiae (Araceae: Colocasieae), a new species from
    Yunnan, China
  • Fertility - Chinese Herbs and Fertility, The herbs used to aid fertility, how the herbs are acquired and consumed, Duration to attain Fertility.
  • Frankincense - Frankincense - Draft, Source, Use or Purpose.
  • Herbal Diversity - Herb Collection, Extraction, Technology and Services, Herbochip.
  • Microbes - Chinese Defense Shield - Keep Microbes at Bay, Mantenga los Microbios a raya.
  • Panax Ginseng - History of Ginseng, Geographical Distribution, Types of Ginseng Products
  • Plasticity - Comparative Studies on Phenotypic Plasticity of two Herbs, Materials and Methods.
  • Podostemaceae Dalzellia, Hydrobryum, Cladopus
  • Links - 100 Chinese Herbs Links.

Institutions & Development Programs

  • Ancient modern China - about China’s Institute of Medicinal Plant Development in Beijing
  • Chinese Herb Garden - The Chinese Herb Garden is a joint collaboration project between the University of Bristol Botanic Garden and the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine.
  • Committee - British Pharmacopoeia Commission Committee G: Herbal and Complementary Medicines
  • Research Fellowship - China Promotes Traditional Medicines
  • Herb Prospectus - Chinese Herbal Medicine Courses
  • Irish Register - Evidence to IMB / SCHMP RE Chinese Herbal Medicine.
  • Acupuncture Research - Foundation for TCM - Research Projetcs.
  • IMPLAD - WHO Collborating Centre for Traditional Medicine - Institute of Medicinal Plant Development.
  • Herb Academy - Featured Resources & Mission Statement
  • ITM - Institute for Traditional Medicine.
  • WHO Centres - China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Viet Nam.

Consultants for Implementation of Various Project Work

  • Research Guide - Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM) Resources - Catalogs, Books, Resources and Library Details.
  • Chinese -LLC - Chinese Acupuncture and Herb Center, Acupuncture Works, Types of Treatments.

Suppliers & Companies Processing Herbs

  • Herbal Supplies - Sustaining Herbal Supplies, Background and Justification, Description, Policy Implications
  • Directory - Business, Chemicals, Biochemical Plant Extracts.
  • Chinese Herbs - Spotlight on Chinese Medicine.
  • Certified Chinese Herbs - Chinese GMP & German PIC - GMP Factory.
  • Chinese Herbs & Co. - Guide for Herbal Nutritional Supplements.
  • Guangzhou - Guangzhou BioScience and Technology - high tech enterprise. Company Overview.
  • Healing Herbs - World's Purest Most Potent Herbs, Online Catalog

Information Resources

  • Library - Metadata Design for Chinese Medicine Digital Library, Markup of Chinese Medicine, Classifications and Properties of Chinese Medicine, Applications.
  • SARS - Effect of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine on SARS.
  • Speakers - Conference : Challenges in Product Development of Chinese Medicinal Herbs.
  • WHO Paper - Harmonizing Traditional Chinese and Modern Western Medicine - Acupuncture, Herbs, Integrative East-West Medicine.

Market Information

  • Marketing - Agreements Signed to Market and Sell Traditional Chinese Medicines Worldwide.
  • Phytoestrogens - Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicines - Need greater expertise in TCM - Authenticating Chinese Herbs, Toxicological Aspects, Studies of Biological Activity.
  • Medicinal Plants - USA - Medicinal Plant Development in USA, Questions and Answers.
  • Export / Import - Product Profile - Business Sector Round Table Discussion Document, World Market Trends, Constraints, Policies, Strategies
  • Medicinal Plants - South - Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, History of Medicinal Plants, Status of Herbal Medicine, Turnover, Flow of Medicinal Plant Material.
  • Export Prospects - India - Export Prospects of Medicinal Plants form India.

Processing, Extraction of Herbs & Medicinal Plants

  • Production Opportunities - Chinese Medicinal Herbs : Opportunities for Domestic Production
  • Sea Buckthorn - Important Natural Resource of Mountainous Regions of China and Russia, Health Application, Manufacturing of Sea Buckthorn Products
  • Supercritical Extraction - CO2 Supercritical Extraction Technology, Principles, Characteristics, Applications.
  • Herbal Pharmacology - Clinical use of Herbal Medicine, Laboratory Researches, Medicinal Plant Gardens in China, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in China.

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