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 Garlic Processing Industries
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Industry @ a Glance

Main products of Garlic are : Garlic Oil Capsules, Odor Controlled Dried Garlic Products, Aged Odorless & Garlic Extract
Garlic Oil: The volatile oil is obtained by steam distillation from the crushed bulbs or cloves of the common garlic plant Garlicin is the main content in garlic oil.
There are two general categories of garlic,hardneck and softneck hardneck and softneck
Garlic Powder is obtained from peeling, drying and pulverizing of Garlic bulbs which are commonly available s vegetable additives. Garlic powder can be manufactured by Automatic flaking, spray drying & powdering process and Semi automatic batch type flaking drying & palavering process. The semi automatic batch type process is suitable for small scale sector. To set up Plant to produce one ton of garlic powder per month will need investment of about one million Indian Rupees.

World's Largest producer of Garlic is the USA.
Kyolic,Kwai, Garlicin, Pure-Gar are the major brands of medicinal products. Producing garlic for medicinal purposes is more complex
China & Argentina are the next important countries in this trade for low prices of products.
Garlic is a very labor intensive crop The culinary market includes primarily fresh garlic, both organic and non-organic, and smaller markets for dried or dehydrated garlic. There is little processing that is necessary for the culinary market.
Garlic is imported into India as the domestic production is not sufficient. However there is high import duty to compensate the domestic producers. Tamil Nadu, particularly Chennai, is the market for imported garlic.Garlic powder plants in the country are located in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharastra State due to the abundant availability of Garlic in these places

About Dehydration of Vegetables

  • Status of the Industry in India

  • Commodity Profile : Garlic

  • Vegetables Outlook Report

Project Information

  • Garlic Dehydration Machinery

  • Garlic Powder : Technology Offer

  • Garlic Uses & Gadgets for Processing

  • Garlic Peeler

  • Garlic Peeling Line

  • Peeling Machine Quote

  • Operating Peeling Machine

  • Garlic Italy

  • Oil Seed Processing

  • Pioneer Enterprises, India

  • Italian Machineries

  • More on the Italian Firm

  • Machinery Pictures

  • Supercritical Co2 Process

  • Machinery Supplier

  • Project Brief

Medicinal Properties of Garlic & Products

  • Scientific Names & Contents
  • Garlic Science
  • Medicinal Properties
  • Medicinal Uses
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Heart health & Garlic
  • The Antibiotic Activity of Garlic
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Acne Treatment
  • Blood Pressure
  • Garlic Oil
  • Garlic Oil GLC Chart
  • Breath
  • Alliin
  • Benefits
  • Aged Garlic Rxtract
  • Supplements

About Garlic Industry

  • Garlic (Allium sativum)
  • Cultivation & about Garlic
  • Growing Garlic at Home
  • Garlic tit bits
  • Garlic: Flavor of the Ages USA
  • Garlic Extract of Australia
  • Garlic : Insecticide

  • Organic Production

  • How Garlic Pills, Oils and Extracts Work 

  • Garlic Products of China

  • Garlic World

  • Garlic Varieties & Seeds

  • Post harvest Handling

  • National Research Center for Onion & Garlic

  • Company Profile

  • Alliin

  • Alliin Information

  • Virus Tested Garlic & Alliin Levels

Garlic Market

  • Garlic Oil Supply Chain

  • World Production - Garlic

  • Export Potential

  • Exports from USA

  • Imports of USA

  • Export Quality Standard

  • Trade Leads

  • Technology Companies

  • Value Added Products

  • High Allicin 1500

  • Garlic in the News

  • World Trade in Fresh Vegetables

  • USA & China : Competition

  • EU Market for Fruits & Vegetables

  • Danish Market for Fruits & Vegetables

  • Hungarian Market

  • Horticulture Plan of India

  • Export Promotion Plan

  • Top ten exporters of Fresh Vegetables

  • Organic Products of India

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