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  • Aggregates include crushed stone, gravel and sand.
  • Production centers around quarrying, preparing and sorting the raw material.
  • Aggregates are mainly used
    in the manufacture of ready-mix concrete, concrete products and asphalt as well as for road building and railway tracks.
  • The recycling of aggregates from concrete demolition material is gaining in importance
  • Roads will account for 15% of India's infrastructure investment in the 11th plan with a targeted spend of Rs 3, 19,200 crore. While India has one of the longest road systems in the world, a very tiny fraction of this is comparable to world standards in terms of width and quality
  • RMC is made on demand and can be transported to worksites by concrete mixer trucks. It eliminates need for storage space for basic materials at site and consequent wastage. As compared with the global construction market, in India, RMC accounts for 3% of the total concrete off take
  • Concrete is the second most consumed commodity by volume after water. One cubic meter consists of approximately 300 kilograms of cement, 150 liters of water and 2 tonnes of aggregates.
  • Asphalt is a bituminous construction material used primarily for road paving. By weight, asphalt consists mainly of aggregates of differing grain size.
  • The production of alternative construction materials such as clay, flyash bricks, fly ash sand-lime bricks, lightweight aggregates (sintered fly ash aggregate, bloated clay aggregate, foamed slag,
    etc.) and lightweight aggregate concreter masonry units, autoclaved cellular concrete building units, pre-cast dense concrete building blocks and roofing / flooring units, wood substitutes etc. should be promoted
  • Aggregate Production
  • Construction aggregate from scrap glass
  • Environmental Issues 
  • Availability and management of fly ash in India
  • Eco friendly Building Materials
  • Solid wastes generation in India and their recycling potential in building materials

Production Process

  • Manufactured aggregates from coal combustion by products
  • Method of making light weight Concrete Aggregate - patent information
  • Improving the Aggregate Production process
  • Dust separation
  • Light Weight Aggregate

Company Profiles

  • Indian Cement Company
  • Company in India - Profile 
  • MNC in India -Annual Report - 2007
  • MNC in Asia - 2007 Report
  • MNC in Asia - another report dated 2007
  • Mumbai based Construction company - 2007
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  • Indian  company
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  • Location in India
  • MNC Presence in India - annual report -2007
  • MNC - Indian Customers - 2008


  • Commercialization of Innovative Building Material Technologies
  • Sintered Flay ash Aggregate
  • Replacement to Granite aggregate
  • Clay & Fly Ash sintering
  • Effect of Flyash in Lightweight Concrete Containing Sintered Flyash Aggregates
  • Equipments Suppliers - data base
Project Information
  • Artificial Sand Making Machine
  • Cost of Roads - Pondichery - India - 2001
  • Waste Plastic in Road Construction - India
  • Fly Ash Management in India
  • Blue Metal Prices
  • Small Units - subsidy


  • Construction Materials
  • Light weight Building Material
  • Product description 
  • Indian Standards


  • Raw Material crisis in Chennai Construction Industry - 2006
  • Value Chain in emerging markets - 2007
  • Sand & Gravel for Construction - world 2006 
  • MNC Bags orders in India
  • European Aggregates Industry - 2006
  • Sand, Gravel & Construcion - world 2006
  • Construction aggregates - 2002 Building for economic analysis
  • Social Housing 
  • Admixtures Company - Chennai


  • Indian Construction Industry
  • Mineral Aggregates
  • Market development study for recycled aggregate products - 2000 
  • Construction Waste- India report 


  • List of Suppliers in India
  • List of Suppliers
  • Links to Companies
  • Exporters
  • Indian suppliers - aggregates

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