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  • Cellular blocks provide the same or similar performance characteristics as solid blocks but with the significant advantage of having lower unit weight.
  • The need to restrict block weights has revived interest in voided blocks and the recently introduced units having innovative core patterns offer additional strength, cutting and chasing advantages.
  • Cellular blocks are available in thicknesses from 90mm and are made with either dense or lightweight aggregates.
  • Aggregate concrete blocks are the most economical solution for builders. They have the best acoustic properties, provide an excellent background for fixings and have excellent resistance to fire.
  • Aggregate blocks are strong, durable, ideal for all wet finishes and for dry lining, and easy to lay and position on mortar.
  • Aggregate blocks are ideally suited to the construction of inner leaves, outer leaves, separating walls, beam and block flooring, partitions and for use below dpc.
  • Autoclaved Cellular Concrete is a lightweight building material, unique from lightweight aggregate concrete and other types of concrete in that it is composed of millions of microscopic cells generated during the manufacturing process.
  • Foamed (or cellular) concrete is made from mixing preformed stable foam to a slurry of cement , sand & water. This action incorporates small enclosed air bubbles within the mortar thereby making the concrete light .
  • Foamed concrete has a wide range of applications and some of them include wall blocks , wall panels , floor & roof screeds , trench reinstatement ,road foundations, bridge abutments and void filling.
  • Due to current ready-mix supply constraints, the Cematrix Company is maximizing utilization of dry process equipment that uses cement in lieu of ready-mix in meeting its current and expected market demands.
  • Moyno type pumps are used to transfer cellular concrete from the mixer to its point of placement. Progressive cavity pumps are constant volume delivery pumps consisting of a rotor and stator. These pumps are sized to deliver adequate material volume through hoses attached to the pumps.
  • The second most important factor controlling cellular concrete is the foam generation rate. Assuming the cement weight is correct, the final concrete density is controlled by the volume of the foam introduced in the mixture.
  • Foam rate is measured in volume per second. Time is used to determine foam volume introduced during the mixing of cellular concrete.
  • Cellular Blocks
  • Lightweight Insulating Cellular Concrete
  • Cellular Concrete
  • Economics of Cellular Lightweight Concrete
  • Cellular Concrete Wet Density Measurement
  • Cellular Concrete Technical Information


  • Autoclaved Cellular Concrete: The Building Material
  • Foamed Concrete Process
  • Mercury Emissions During Steam Curing of Cellular Concretes that Contain Fly Ash and Mercury Loaded Powdered Activated Carbon
  • The Use of Quickly Slaking Lime in Production of Cellular Concrete
  • Cellular Concrete Manufacturing Methods
  • Some Cellular Concrete Strength Factors
  • Cellular Concrete Production
  • High Strength Structural Light Weight Concrete
  • Manufacture of Cellular Concrete Products

Company Profiles

  • Company in Australia

  • Company in USA

  • Company in Alberta

  • Company in Michigan

  • Company in India

  • Another Company in Australia

  • Company in Illinois

  • Company in Florida

  • Company in Chattanooga


  • Bubble generator for cellular concrete

  • Method of production of cellular concrete

  • Method and apparatus for the production of cellular concrete and foam concentrate used therein

  • Cellular concrete unit coated with air permeable, water repellent concrete coating

  • Lightening element for reinforced concrete floors and staging

  • Permeable cellular concrete and structure

  • Composite Panels for Building Constructions
  • Rapid Setting Flowable Backfill Composition and Method of Using
  • Process for the Production of Cellular concrete


  • Cellular Concrete: Engineering and Technological Advancement for Construction in Cold Climates
  • Cellular Light Weight Concrete Based on " Neopor"
  • Low-Density Cellular
    Concrete Void Filling

Consultants and  Project

  • Consultant in Illinois

  • Experts in Autoclave Cellular Concrete

  • Consultant in Mosco

  • Consultant in Texas

  • Consultants in USA

  • Production of wall blocks from cellular concrete
  • The Installation of Steel linings with low density cellular concrete backfill on the riverside badlands tunnel in Southern California

Products and Applications

  • Benefits of Cellular Lightweight Concrete
  • CLC Applications
  • Armorloc® 5011 Cellular Concrete Block
  • CreteFoamerTM Models
  • Low Density Cellular/Foam Concrete fill Specifications
  • Geofoam Low Density Cellular Concrete Fill Specifications
  • Lightweight cellular concrete
  • MaxFlow Foaming Agent Concentrate and MaxFlow Cellular Concrete Fill
  • Fire Resistant Cellular Concrete
  • Cellular Concrete Blocks(Foamed)
  • Low Density Cellular Concrete

Market and Report

  • Autoclaved Cellular Concrete, The Future of Fly Ash
  • India Company Report
  • Cellular Lightweight Insulating Concrete
  • Alberta Company Report
  • Granulated Foamed Glass for Civil Engineering Applications
  • Cellular Concrete Solves Problems
  • Acceptance Criteria For Cellular Concrete
  • Fire Tests of Precast Cellular Concrete Floors and Roofs
  • Cement and Concrete: Environmental Considerations
  • Guideline for Field quality Control Application Procedures - Cellular Concrete
  • Is the U.S. ready for cellular concrete block?

Suppliers and Equipments Suppliers

  • Lightweight Concrete Suppliers
  • Cellular concrete Selling Leads
  • Selling Leads from India
  • Supplier in Spain
  • Supplier in Germany
  • Cellular Concrete Buyers List



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