Iron Based Cellular Material
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  • Cellular materials structures have solid surfaces or face sheets and cores with complex architectures which may be more than 95 percent voids.
  •  These are similar to foams, but with a periodic rather than stochastic structure.
  • These materials are designed to maximize load bearing, energy absorbing and thermal dissipation capability while reducing the overall weight of the structure.
  • Cellular structures can also play a significant role in the thermal management in and around heat-producing systems and components.
  •  In fact, cellular structures have been demonstrated to effectively control the heat transfer from jet aircraft plumes to naval structures and for effectively dissipating the heat from an aircraft radar cooling system. Current research is focused on blast and fragment resistance to events affecting naval ground vehicles.
  • The demand today in commercial and military markets alike is for lightweight, multi-functional structures that are cost-effective, safe and efficient. Response has been limited because of the complexity of the demand.
  • companies now also, offer structures that are lightweight and multi-functional in a variety of designs and materials.
  •  Its advantages are that these materials are lighter than traditional metal forms (solid sheets), more functional than traditional cellular materials , and therefore can be more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than any competitor material.
  • Cellular metals based on iron have been intensively investigated during the last two decades. Because of the significant decrease in of the structural density of iron based cellular structures, numerous technologies have been developed for their manufacturing. Besides the tremendous weight reduction a combination with other properties like energy and noise absorption, heat insulation and mechanical damping can be achieved.
  • This  will give an overview about the latest state in iron based cellular materials, including technologies in manufacturing, properties and potential applications.
  • Periodic cellular materials are comprised of a metal core sandwiched between two face sheets



  • Cellular materials
  • Manufacturing, Properties
    and Applications Cellular metals
  • Properties of Cellular Materials
  • Steel foam material processing, properties, and potential structural
  • Solid Cellular Materials
  • Comparing Structure and
    Properties in Cellular
  • Protocols for the Optimal Design of Multi-Functional Cellular Structures


  • Manufacturing of cellular A2011 alloy from semi-solid state
  • Mechanical properties of cellular materials
  • Towards the design of a layer-based additive manufacturing process for the realization of metal parts of designed mesostructure
  • Design Guide
  • Processing, stabilization and applications
    of metallic foams
  • Making cellular metals from metals
  • Manufaturing and processing


  • Cellular metal for lightweight design based on textile wire structures
  • Cellular metal for lightweight design based on textile wire structures
  • Quasi-static and Dynamic Compression Behavior of Flexible Cellular Material
  • Generalized continuum modeling of 2-D periodic
    cellular solids
  • Multifunctional design for prismatic cellular materials


  • Supplier list
  • Supplier1 from Charlottesville


  • Manufacturing cellular materials via three-dimensional printing of spraydried metal oxide ceramic powder Dynamic crushing of cellular materials
  • A New Cellular Material Made With Ball Chains
  • Iron Based Cellular Metals For Degradable Synthetic Bone Replace-ment
  • Manufacture,characterisation and application of cellular metals and metal foams
  • Development of an innovative iron based cellular material
  • Multifunctionality of cellular metal systems



  • Composition of cellular material
  • Deployment system for Myocardial cellular material
  • Electrochemical cell electrodes comprising coal-based carbon foam
  • Method of making open cell material
  • Moving blade for a turbomachine
  • Multiple laminar flow-based particle and cellular separation with laser steering
  • Vitreous cellular materials


  • Fracture analysis of Cellular materials
  • Fracture toughness of cellular materialsnusing finite element based micromechanics
  • Functional ceramic coatings for cellular metals
  • Mechanical properties of cellular materials
  • Robust design of cellular maerials with topologicals and dimentional imperfections
  • Mechanical properties of cellular materials
  • Development of innovative iron based cellular  material

Company Profile

  • Company1 from US
  • Company2 from Germany


  • Flexible urethane foam


  • Impact of cellular materials
  • Wave Propagation in a Cellular Rod
  • Effects of iron and zinc deficiency on elemental
    composition and silica production by diatoms
  • Size effects in the mechanical behavior of cellular materials
  • Cell Tagging with Clinically Approved Iron Oxides


  • Manufacturing cellular materials via three-dimensional printing of spraydried metal oxide ceramic powder
  • Manufacturing of low density cellular materials
  • The Role of Coating in the Cellular Material Preparation
  • A New Cellular Material Made With Ball Chains
  • Cellular iron contents of plankton during the
    Southern Ocean Iron Experiment

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