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  • Chrome plating often referred to simply as chrome, is a technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto a metal or plastic object. The hard chromed plating can be decorative, provide corrosion resistance, ease cleaning procedures or increase surface hardness.
  • Hard chrome plating is basically an electroplating process where chromium is deposited from a chromic acid solution
  • In industrial hard plating, there are two categories: Hexavalent chromium baths and Trivalent Chromium
    baths. In former types of plating, the main ingredient is chromium sulfate. Trivalent chromium baths are
    not popular as there are some limitations related to color, fragility and width.
  • When hard chrome plate is performed for decorative purposes, mostly chromium and nickel combination is used as it offers best corrosion resistance. A mirror finish touch of chrome on the surface will look attractive and eye catching.
  • The plating of plastics is normally undertaken for either decorative or functional use. Through plating the particular properties of plastics, light weight, design flexibility and economy of manufacturing, are enhanced by the addition of properties usually associated with metals. These include reflectiveness, abrasion resistance, electrical
    conductivity and a variety of decorative surfaces.
  • There are many advantages of this hard plating
  • Hard chrome is used throughout manufacturing industry for a very large number of wear resistant applications in industrial equipment and vehicles, and for almost all metal fabricating tooling except cutting tools
  • Hard chrome markets include wear resistant surfaces in aerospace, oil and gas, heavy equipment and a range of general industrial applications. Hard chrome plate is also used in restoration of dimensional tolerances, as in gas turbines where shafts require precise tolerances that may be off-target as a result of wear or manufacturing defects.
  • When it comes to industrial applications and different product finishing, manufacturers are going for hard chrome plating.
  • Product range includes a wide range of Hard Chrome Plated Shaft, Hard Chrome Plated Rod, Hard Chrome Plated Roller, Hard Chrome Plated Bar and Hard Chrome Plated Cylinder that go into variety of Industrial equipments
  • The hard chromium plating industry is only service providing venture and therefore need to depend upon companies out sourcing job works

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