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  • Soy is a leguminous plant indigenous to China that requires a lot of water to grow.
    Its beans consist of more than 36% protein, 30% carbohydrates, and high amounts of fibre,
    vitamins and minerals. It also consists of 20% oil,
    making it one of the most important sources of edible oil.
  • Soymeal accounts for over 60 % of world animal meal production and occupies a prominent position among protein feedstuffs used for the production of feed concentrates.
    Soybean oil is the second most important vegetable oil (after palm oil); it accounts for 25 % of global vegetable animal oils and fats consumption
  • In the major producing countries and particularly in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and the USA soybean
    contributes significantly to the total value added by the agricultural sector. In these countries, soybeans and its sub-products also occupy an important position in total export earnings. Among smaller
    producers only India and Bolivia earn significant income from the exportation of soybean and derived products
  • China is by far the largest foreign market for American soybeans, taking about 56 per cent
    of its $22bn of exports
Basics - Soy Trade
  • Global Soybeans Trade
  • The supply Chain & Company profiles
  • Soybean Supply and Demand Forecast
  • Soybean , Oil & Meal Trade
  • Trade Leads

Technology Details

  • Soybean Process Flow
  • Soybean oil consumption for food in the Europe
Major  Exporting Countries
  • Argentina - China Trade
  • Brazil-China soybean trade
  • China-Europe Soya Trade
Trade with China 

  • Doing Business with China
  • Exporter Guide to China
  • How to Export to
    The People’s Republic of China
  • Major Chinese Industrial
Soy Trade with China
  • Soybean in China
  • Soybean Imports of China - 2018-2019
  • Daily report on Chinese soy imports
  • Soy Crushing Industry in China
  • Soybean import allocation
  • Market for organic food products in China and whom to contact
Chinese Imports from USA
  • Trade situation
  • Major U.S. Agricultural Export Markets: China, Canada, and Mexico
  • U.S. soybean meal production and demand

Profiles Companies in China

  • The commodity trading companies
  • International Company in China
  • American Company in China
  • Singapore Company
  • Hong Kong company
  • Chinese Company
  • Company annual report
  • Soybean International Commodity Profile
  • Competitive Analysis of Soybean exporters to China
Political Scenario
  • Soybean War
  • The politics of China - Brazil Trade
  • Politics of Soy Trade
  • Make Money in a US–China
    Trade War
  • The telecoupling framework

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