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  • The Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) is a species of tree of the mulberry family (Moraceae) and its fruit, native to southwestern India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and possibly also east to the Malay Peninsula. It is an evergreen tree growing to 10-15 m tall. The leaves are alternately arranged, elliptical, 5-25 cm long and 3-12 cm broad, often lobed on young trees but entire on mature trees.
  • The flowers are produced in dense inflorescences 3-7 cm long and 1-2.5 cm broad; the male and female flowers produced on separate inflorescences, the female inflorescences commonly borne on thick branches or the trunk of the tree.Jackfruit is widely grown in South and Southeast Asia. It is also grown in parts of central and eastern Africa, Brazil, Suriname, and in islands of the West Indies such as Jamaica. It is the national fruit of Bangladesh and Indonesia.
  • The tree is well adapted to humid tropical to tropical climates. Frosts and droughts are impediments to growth and fruiting. If roots touch water, it affects the bearing of fruit and the tree can also die. In the Himalayan foothills, it can grow at an altitude of 500ft from the sea-level. Rich, deep soils of medium or open texture with good drainage are considered the most suitable.
  • A tree may yield as many as 150 large fruits annually attached to the trunk and its lateral branches. While some exotic varieties bear 250 to 500 fruits per year. The fruiting capacity of a tree depends upon the input supply, weather conditions, and protection from the insect pests and diseases which are many.
  • Jackfruit are wind and insect pollinated and generally require cross-pollination for satisfactory fruit production. Thus, planting more than one cultivar may be of benefit. Mature jackfruit trees may produce from 40 to over 250 pounds (18-114 kg) per tree, depending on the cultivar, weather, and cultural practices. Trees that average 150 pounds (68 kg) per tree or more are considered good producers.
  • Jackfruit is heavy and cumbersome to transport and should be harvested when mature only 35 days from ripening, so it is best to have a market close by if selling fresh fruit. For more remote areas, where the local market is small, processing the fruit into a more stable product such as dried or processed fruit may be necessary. Perennial crops such as durian, coffee, and citrus can be grown together with jackfruit, given wider spacing between jackfruit trees to allow sufficient space for the other crop trees.
  • A recommended commercial fertilizer regime is 100150 g (3.55 oz) ammonium sulfate (20-0-0) per tree in the first year, increasing in pre-bearing years; then 0.51.0 kg (1.12.2 lb) of 14-14-14 fertilizer per tree increasing with age and size, with a full-grown tree 1520 years old receiving 23 kg (4.46.6 lb) complete fertilizer . The use of nutrient-rich organic mulches such as prunings from fast-growing nitrogen-fixing trees can reduce or eliminate the use of industrial fertilizer.
  • The unripe fruit is astringent in action and on ripening it becomes somewhat laxative. In China, jackfruit pulp and seeds are considered as tonic, cool and nutritious. The seed stretch relieves biliousness and the fruit is aphrodisiacal. The residue of the leaf if mixed with coconut oil heals ulcers. Mixed with vinegar, the milky juice promotes healing of abscesses, snake bites and glandular swellings.
  • Jackfruit was sold year round in large metropolitan markets. However, market development was being restricted by availability of supply, the fresh-eating segment in particular often being poorly supplied with inconsistent quality fruit. Most markets considered the crunchy cultivars with pink-orange flesh the best quality, with only an ethnic Indian market segment willing to buy soft-fleshed fruit if the price was very low.
  • Agriculture is the single largest source of livelihood of the majority of the rural masses and is also the mainstay of the economy of Meghalaya.A variety of Horticultural Plantation Crops are produced in Tripura like Pineapple, Oranges, Cashewnut, Jackfruit, Coconut, Tea, Rubber, Forest, Plantations etc. The North Eastern region has been identified as an area having very good scope for the development of food processing industries.
  • Export of fresh jackfruit is relatively low. In 1997, export valued is about RM 3.82 million, and increased to RM5.04 million in year 2000 and RM 4.45 million in year 2001.
 General Information
  • Jackfruit
  • Monkey Jackfruit
  • Artocarpus heterophyllus
  • Jackfruit Tree
  • Vietnamese Jackfruit Sherbet
  • Thailand Jackfruit
  • Facts About Jackfruit

Production and Processing

  • Manufacturing Process of Jackfruit
  • Production Processing of Jackfruit
  • Propagation and Production of Jackfruit
  • Process of Manufacture
  • Jackfruit Production in Philippines

Growth and Cultivation

  • Plantation of jackfruit in Karachi
  • Growth of Jackfruit
  • Growing Condition of Jackfruit
  • Growth of Moraceae
  • Jackfruit Growing in the Florida Home Landscape
  • Growth of Jackfruit Tree
  • Growth Culture of Jackfruit
  • Jackfruit Plant Cultivation
  • Cultivation of Jackfruit


  • Propagation of Jackfruit
  • Moraceae Propagation
  • Plant Propagation
  • Fertilization and Irrigation of Jackfruit
  • Genetics and Breeding of Jackfruit
  • Jackfruit Propagation

Functions and Properties

  • Functional Properties of Raw and Heat Processed Jackfruit Flour
  • Physicochemical Properties of Jackfruit Seed Flour and Starch
  • Protease inhibitors from jackfruit seed
  • Identification of 0-Glycosylated Precursors Growth Factor
  • Characterization of Jackfruit
  • Properties  of Jackfruit
  • Jackfruit Seed Starch: Purities and Properties

Nurseries and Growers

  • Tropica Nursery
  • National Tropical Botanical Garden
  • Dave's Garden
  • Lightworks Nursery
  • Rivers End Nursery and Farm
  • Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers
  • Uluwehi Farm & Nursery


  • Ir. Dr. Desa Ahmad
  • Gregory F. Barz
  • Jonathan H. Crane
  • Michael A. Savka
  • Roberta Caridad V. Gerpacio
  • Sabyasachi Mishra


  • Production of plant proteinase from jack fruit
  • Nature and extent of damage of jackfruit borer, Diaphania caesalis Walker in Bangladesh
  • Effect on intake and digestibility by goats given jackfruit  leaves alone
  • Physico-chemical properties of flour and starch from jackfruit seeds
  • Production of Dehydrated Jak Fruits by using Diesel Dryer
  • Conservation and Utilization of Subtropical/ Tropical Fruit Crops and Sugarcane Genetic Resources
  • Jack-fruit  processing Technology


  • Uses of Jackfruit
  • Benefit and uses of Jack-fruit
  • Health Benefits of Jackfruit
  • Indian Jackfruit Uses
  • Medicinal Uses of Jackfruit
  • Interaction and in vivo growth inhibition of Ehrlich ascites tumor cells by jacalin


  • Coconut fruit(s) flavored brandy
  • Preparation for the prevention and or treatment of altered bone metabolism
  • Lectins for treatment of skin diseases
  • Process for preserving fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Ventilated closure strips for use in packaging food products
  • Method of improving dietary balance using gustatory and olfactory aliesthesia
  • Method of using lectins for prevention and treatment of oral and alimentary tract disorders
  • Banding techniques for plant propagation
  • A Disposable Sensor For Assessing Jackfruit Maturity
  • Jackfruit Post Harvesting Technology
  • Use of Rotten Jackfruit to Control Golden Apple Snail
  • Shelf-life extension of fresh-cut jackfruit by modified atmospheres packaging and hurdle technology
  • Use of Jackfruit Peel Carbon for adsorption of Rhodamine-B
  • Bangladesh Jackfruit Post Harvest Technology
  • Kinetic Drying Experimental Data and Mathematical Model for Jackfruit Slices
  • Establishment of a Quality Assurance System for
    Minimally Processed Jackfruit


  • Jackfruit Crips
  • Jacalin
  • List of Jackfruit Products
  • Jackfruit Sweet Bar
  • Jackfruit In Syrup


  • Green Jackfruit Recipes
  • Double-Baked Jackfruit Recipe
  • Indian Jackfruit Recipes
  • Chakka Aviyal
  • Jackfruit Sweet Idli
  • Jackfruit Cupcakes
  • Jackfruit Muffins
  • Chakka Jam

 Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Agarose Jacalin
  • Biotinylated Jacalin
  • Jackfruit Lectin
  • Immobilized Jacalin
  • Pure Artocarpus integrifolia lectin


  • Market overview of the dried fruit sector in Uganda
  • Market Development Strategies for the Florida Tropical Fruit Industry
  • Northern Territory Tropical Fruits Industry
    Market Opportunities
  • Identifying market opportunities for urban and peri-urban farmers in Kampala, Uganda
  • Overview of Fruit Market
  • Jackfruit Market Potential
  • Market Conditions, Barriers and Outlook for Small and Mini-hydro in SEA
  • Distribution of fruit area and production in the major fruit trees in Vietnam
  • Production of fruit crops in Arunachal Pradesh


  • Comparing Breadfruit, Breadnut, and Jackfruit: And their Relation
  • Photosynthesis and antioxidant enzyme activity in jackfruit  in Southern Yunnan, China
  • Under-utilised Tropical Fruit in Asia Network
  • Exotic Tropical Fruits and Vegetables
  • Market-wise Daily Report
  • Jackfruit processing can be fruitful SSI venture
  • Packaged fruit and veg take off
  • Jackfruit is not a Host of Diaphorina Citri in Florida

Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Tropilab
  • Imperial Food Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Exporters of Jackfruit
  • Manufacturers of Jackfruit
  • Mother Herbs and Agro Products
  • Raun Harman

Pest Management and Diseases

  • Management of Fungal Diseases in Tropical Fruits
  • Tropical Fruit Pest Management Strategic Plan
  • Managing Phytophthora Diseases
  • Jackfruit fly
  • Phytophthora Diseases
  • Rhizopus Rot of Jackfruit


  • Guidelines for Registration of Plant Germplasm
  • Guidelines for integrating fruit trees into the SALT system
  • Jackfruit Crop Guides
  • Useful Links of Jackfruit

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