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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Aluminium oxide is one of the most versatile sorbents for preparative chromatography. Due to its amphoteric character,
    aluminium oxide can be used in specifically defined pH ranges. Aluminium oxide is widely used for preparative column chromatographic separations, isolation and purifications for both in laboratory and industrial production
  • More Applications are in the separation and purification of dyes, dye intermediates, alkaloids, steroids, lipids, amino acids, hormones, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, vitamins and other pharmaceutical intermediates
  • Femoral heads are intended for mechanical fixation to a mating hip stem and indicated for treatment of patients who are candidates for total or partial hip arthroplasty in primary or revision surgery.
  • Femoral heads made of Aluminium Oxide have been successfully employed for modular total hip prostheses
  • Aluminium Oxide is important ingredient in the manufacture of various Medical Implants
  • The manufacturers of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) of antiretroviral drugs use Aluminium Oxide for chromatography applications


Basic Information

  • Aluminium Oxides

  • Aluminium Oxide for Column Chromatography

    For column chromatography

  • Chromatographic Purification
    in Downstream Processing

  • Legal Requirements

Companies & Products

  • Company - India

  • Company - Australia

  • Activated Alumina

  • Aluminium Oxide chromatography grades manufacturer

  • List of Manufacturers of Aluminium Oxide

  • Bulk absorbents

  • Manufacturer - India

Technology & applications
  • Alumina Activation
  • Nanoporous aluminium oxide membranes as cell interfaces
  • Separation of closely related compounds
  • Chromatographically Analysis of Pharmaceuticals
  • Active Pharmaceutical
    Ingredient Manufacturing
  • Adsorption at Silica, Alumina, and Related Surfaces
  • Safety Assessment of Alumina and Aluminum Hydroxide as Used in Cosmetics
  • Dental cementation system
  • Aluminium Oxide in the Media


Trade Scenario & Buyers
  • Aluminum Oxide Users
  • Contract Manufacturer
  • Femoral Manufacturer
  • International Trader catalogue
  • Biotech & Chromatography company
  • Femoral Head manufacturer
  • Consultant - Market watch
  • Sources, quality and prices of active pharmaceutical ingredients of antiretroviral drugs
  • List of Companies
  • Indian Company
  • Chromatography sorbents manufacturer
  • Consultant: ceramic femoral
    heads in hip replacement implants
  • Consultant : Impurity reomoval
  • Manufacturer - Oxygen/moisture trap
  • Catalyst support product
  • Buffing Compound
  • Fused Alumina
  • Industrial application
  • Porous Membrane
  • MSDS - Oxygen trap
  • MSDS - Refractory
  • MSDS - Thermal Spray
  • MSDS - Blast Media
  • MSDS - Activated alumina
  • Distributors
  • Thermal Spray Materials - Global distributors
  • Discs, Rolls & Sheets
  • Activated Alumina
  • Commercial wood floor finish
  • Distributors


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