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  • Bananas are normally categorized
    as dessert bananas or cooking bananas. Cooking bananas are popular in many African and Asian
    countries, while about 30 percent of world banana production are dessert banana with Cavendish as the most traded variety.
  • The market for organic bananas in Asia is still developing and the outlook is for its future development and adoption is positive.
  • Plants produced through tissue culture are mostly free from pests
    and diseases . There are many further benefits to using tissue culture plants
  • Bananas are grown in plantations of different sizes, from small-scale in some areas, for instance the Windward Islands, to large-scale farms, for instance in Costa Rica.
  • The ownership of farms is diverse: some are in the hands of local growers, others are controlled or owned by cooperatives, local large companies or multinational banana importers
  • Bananas are the fifth largest agricultural commodity in world
    trade after cereals, sugar, coffee and
  • India, Ecuador, Brazil and China alone produce half of total bananas of the world. The advantage of this fruit is its availability round the year.
  • The major banana exporting countries are Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica and Philippines and the major importing countries are USA, Belgium, Germany and United Kingdom
  • The supply and value chain of a banana before it reaches the final consumer is complex. It
    includes production, packaging, domestic and international transportation, marketing, handling and merchandising at supermarkets, among other links. The two most expensive links in the supply and
    value chain are shipping costs and supermarket/retailer expenses
  • The EU is the largest consumer and importer of bananas in the world
  • During shipping, bananas need to be stored at low temperatures . Traditionally this was done in refrigerated cargo ships or "conventional reefers. Nowadays, containerised liner shipping companies also offer significant capacity for transport in refrigerated standard sized containers.
  • Upon arrival in ports of destination fruit is discharged by cranes and transported by trucks or feeder ships  to short-term cold storage facilities or directly to the ripening facilities.
  • Banana imports must meet the requirements of the destination country  Marketing Standards Regulation
  • Market Share of a few top players is huge reaching out to 30 to 45 % of world market for Bananas
  • Largest Exports of Bananas are from Ecuador
  • In Ecuador, in contrast to other banana producing countries, the most important and well-known brands of the world are produced and marketed in a variety of types of boxes of bananas to meet the
    requirements of consumers worldwide
  • Ecuador exports bananas and plantains to over 50 countries every year. The main destinations for banana exports are the EU, the United States and Russia, concentrating more than 80 percent of sales on average.
  • Good Export Crop
  • The social, economic, and environmental issues surrounding the global banana industry.

Banana Cultivation

  • Biology of Banana
  • Banana production methods
  • Banana Cultivation in India
  • Banana cultivation in Sri Lanka - Study
  • Banana Cultivar from Sri Lanka
  • Cultivation - guidelines
  • Production Guide
  • Training Course for Banana Farmers

Cultivation Projects

  • Project Information
  • Growing and marketing a commercial crop of subtropical bananas - Australia Scenario
  • Cost Studies
  • Cost and Returns of Banana Cultivation in Tamil Nadu
  • Economics in Kerala
  • Economics of the cultivation in Sri Lanka
  • Commercial banana production in Laos

Post harvest Technology 

  • Promotion of Export of Organic Banana Production - Project example
  • Banana Pack house for exports
  • Banana Supply Chains in Sri Lanka

Banana Export Management 

  • The Banana Sector in Ecuador.
  • Philippines Banana Industry
  • The Pineapple and Banana Sector - Sri Lanka
  • The banana chain in Somalia
  • Exports from India
  • Production & Marketing Organic Bananas in Asia
  • Export Markets
  • Promotion of Exports of Organic Bananas from Ethiopia and Sudan
  • Competitiveness of the West-African fruit sector.
  •  Supply Chain. U.S. Cooperation
  • Banana Wars

Company Information

  • Largest Player
  • Company annual report
  • USA Company
  • Exporter Profile
  • Importer - Japan
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Cooling and ripening systems

Import Scenario

  • Banana Market
  • Developments in the banana import policy of the European Community
  • Banana value chains in Europe
  • German banana value chains
  • Belgium Market
  • Banana Trade
  • Middle East Market
  • The World Banana Trade

Banana Brands

  • Top Brand
  • Profile
  • Global Brands, markets & prices
  • Multinational Companies in the Global Banana Trade

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