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  • Mobile phones are a wonderful means for communicating with our dear ones in addition to helping us to maintain our contact lists, to do lists etc. As time passed with additional features on these devices piling they made way for Smartphones which in addition to providing phone functionality also provided the functionality of a Personal Digital Assista (PDA).
  • Handsets in 2005 is reckoned to be the combining of music capabilities on the mobile phone. While phones can play MP3s, it will soon also be possible to have music streamed from the Internet. Motorola is expected to introduce a phone this year that marries the mobile with Apple's iPod.
  • The mobile handset market has been witnessing phenomenal growth and mobile devices have been undergoing unparalleled advances. The mobile handset is evolving in two directions. On the one hand, it represents a convergence of feature-sets in a multifunctional device. On the other hand, it represents a divergence of feature-sets in devices focused on specialized applications.
  • The emerging personal computing device of choice today is a multi-function handset. The multimedia capabilities of these wireless systems are increasing as fast as vendors can deliver new products and carriers can offer new services.
  • EMOBILE, Sharp and Microsoft closely worked together from the basic planning stage, thus developing various functions that are released for the first time in Japan. The three companies plan to continue their alliance in the future to promote marketing in the growing mobile broadband market.
  • Connecting directly to your PC or Laptop's USB port, the Infrared Adapter comes with the latest Handset Manager software (Version 8), making this data suite easy to install as no configuration is required as this is all done for you on installation, this allowing you complete control over your phone when transferring or editing from either your phone to pc or from pc to phone.
  • Nokia expanded its leadership position in the mobile handset market in 2006, shipping more units than its next two closest competitors combined, according to research firm iSuppli.
  • The worldwide handset market grew for the second quarter in a row in Q2, 2003, reaching 114.9 million units, up 12 per cent on the second quarter of 2002, according to research from Gartner. This is the first time that the market has grown two quarters running.
  • Chinese mobile handset manufacturers, whose market shares once reached50% in China, are now confronting rollback strategies of foreign manufacturers.In order to appeal to the hearts of brand-oriented Chinese consumers, theimprovement of the brand image is quite important for local manufacturers.This was made evident also by our on-the-street questionnaires conducted inBeijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in March 2005.
  • The gap between law enforcement and organised crime is still considerable when it comes to the utilisation ofmobile phone technologies.
  • Mobile phones applications are being developed in a rapid pace. Word processors, spreadsheets, and databasebase applications have already been ported to mobile phone devices (Westtek 2006).
  • The size of Indian mobile handset market in FY 2004-05 was Rs 8,805 crores. Share of GSM handsets was 84% (7,384 crores) even higher than the GSM connections (75%) for the same period. It was also much higher than that for CDMA handsets, which accounted for Rs 1,421 crores (16% market share).
  • Mobile handsets generated $117.2 billion in revenue in 2005, an increase of 14.9 percent over the sales in 2004. Mobile handset revenue will peak at $129.9 billion in 2008, and will then begin to decline, reaching $125.0 billion in 2012.
  • Mobile Phone
  • Wireless Terminology Glossary
  • Role of Mobile Handset
  • Mobile Handset Performance


  • Dual-Mode Wireless Technology
  • Wi-Fi VoIP and Cellular Network Integration
  • 4G Network Technologies
  • Emerging Technologies
  • FLO Technology
  • IP Datacasting Technology
  • Worldwide Mobile Imaging
  • Integrating Heterogeneous Wireless Technologies
  • Push-to-Talk Technology
  • SmartReflex Technologies
  • WCDMA Technologies
  • Mobile Video Testing Technology
  • uiOne Drives Personalization
  • Discretix Technologies
  • Managing Embedded Handset Software
  • Cellphone GPS Positioning System- Patent

Memory Technology

  • Advanced Memory Technology
  • Mobile Handset Forensic
  • Multimedia Requirements for Memory in Mobile Handsets
  • Mobile Memory
  • Mobile Technology Developments
  • Flash Memory


  • Remote Vehicle Diagnostic System Using Mobile
  • Wireless Telephone Systems for Workplace
  • Profiting from Handset Customization
  • Antenna for Mobile Handset Applications
  • Mobile Handset Application Development Platform
  • Effect of Antenna Radiation of Mobile Handset
  • Mobile TV-Next Killer
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • XMS Anti Identity Theft Solution


  • Antenna Design for Mobile Handsets
  • Wireless Handset Design
  • Right Memory for Handset Design
  • Handset Design Techniques
  • Kaleido-Designing and Implementing Mobile


  • vCurrent Mobile Handset
  • Cell Phone Accessories
  • Mobile Phone Specifications
  • Avaya 3810
  • VirtualLogix
  • EM∑ONE
  • MobileAction MA660 and MA620
  • MH Mobile Handsets
  • Nokia 5300 Mobile Handset
  • Nokia N91 Mobile Handset
  • Sony Ericsson K800i Mobile Handset


  • Wireless Handset Manufacturing Unit
  • NRG 3.0 Customisation Project
  • MNC Projects and Research
  • Mobile Communication Services Platform
  • phoneME Project
  • Mobile Video Sharing Client for Handset Vendors

Consultant and Service Providers

  • Paul R. Brody
  • DNS Consultant
  • Gert Frolund Pedersen
  • Maria Lorenza Demarie
  • Cellular Service Providers
  • Cellular Service / Mobile Service Providers in India

License and Policy

  • Mobile Devices Licensing
  • Licensing Liberalisation
  • BenQ Mobile Licenses Flash From Adobe
  • Telecom Regulations
  • Broadband Policy
  • Manufacturing license offered to OEM
  • Tariff Orders

Useful Link

  • Electronics Industry Links
Annual Reports
  • Aspocomp-Financial Statements 2005
  • Aspocomp-Financial Statements 2006
  • TriQuint Semiconductor-Annual Report 2005
  • CMD-Annual report 2006
  • Silicon Laboratories- Annual Report 2005
  • Mentor Graphics Annual Report 2005
  • Texas Instruments- Annual Report 2005
  • Vodafone Group Plc-Annual Report 2006
  • Anritsu Corporation- Financial Report 2006

Global Reports

  • Anritsu Corporation-Profitable Growth
  • Perlos Report-2007
  • Qualcomm Incorporated 2007
  • T-Mobile, Northern
    Ireland Cellular Network
  • Accenture Mobile Handset
  • Brew Developer Case Study
  • Nokia Handset Unit Opened in Chennai
  • Atrua Technologies and Purple Labs
  • Argogroupís Device Master
  • Growing Demand for Mobile Music to Spur Uptake of Mobile and 3G Services
  • GSM Association
  • Low Cost 3G Handset Project
  • KDDI to Launch INFOBAR
  • High-End Audio-video Wireless Connectivity Applications at WiCon
  • Mobile Handset Features High Speed Operation
  • Nokia Tops in Indian GSM Mobile Handset Market

Components and Equipments

  • Wireless Handset Test System
  • Electronic Components
  • Mobile Handset Memory Components
  • Agilent GS-8210
  • Components of Helix Media Delivery System for Mobile
  • Dual-Band(PCS/IMT-2000) Mobile Handset Antenna
  • Internal Antenna for Mobile Phones
  • Ergonomics and Usability Factors in  Mobile Handset
  • Keypad-Mobile Interface Technology
  • Internal Speaker
  • Universal Telephony Adapter
  • EMI Filters for Cell Phone Applications

Safety and Guidelines

  • Child Safety and Mobile Phone Services
  • Guide to Choosing  BT Telephone
  • Mobile Safety Guidelines
  • Mobile Help
  • Radio Telephone / Mobile Radio
    Installation Guidelines
  • Electromagnetic Fields and Public Health
  • 3 Groupís Response

Global Market

  • Wireless Market in China
  • Mobile Telecom Equipment Markets
  • RF Power GaAs for Wireless Infrastructure Markets
  • Qualcomm Business Model
  • Trends in Mobile Memory for Handsets
  • 10 Mobile Games Trends for 2007
  • Growth and Changes of Chinese Mobile Handset Market & Industry
  • Mobile Handset Market Booming
  • Indian Mobile Handset Market
  • Sony Ericsson Wowing Mobile Handset Market
  • Mobile Handset Market Tracker
  • Mobile Trends of 2007
  • Mobile Trends of 2007

Future Forecast

  • Mobile Handset Future
  • Evolution of Mobile
    Handsets to 2011 and
  • Power Optimization Challenges in Next Generation Handsets
  • Cell Phone Functionality Boom
  • Trends in Mobile Multimedia

Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers and Importers

  • Global Mobile Handset Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Mobile Phones and Accessories Wholesalers in UK
  • Cell Phone Exporters
  • Canada Cell Phone Suppliers
  • Mobile Suppliers
  • Cell Phone Manufacturers Links
  • Call Phone Battery Suppliers
  • Mobile Handset Importers
  • Mobile Phone Buyers & Recyclers in UK

Company Profiles

  • Aspocomp Group
  • Silicon Laboratories
  • LG Electronics Incorporated
  • Kshema Technologies Limited
  • Focus Media Holding Limited
  • Samsung

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