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Project at a Glance Contents on the CD ROM
  • Main Objective of MSC is to provide services to the repaired mobile which makes it reusable.
  • Summary of works involves in MSC is nothing but when faulty equipment is received from the consumer, an assessment of the nature of the complaint is made. An estimate of this service charge is made after checking the availability of components. Then through a systematic approach, the actual fault is found, rectified and tested. The repaired equipments is kept for observation for sufficient time before it is handed over to the customer.
  • The area required for the enterprise will be about 500sft. having close proximity to market.
  • The repairing basically consist of hardware & Software repairing.
  • Hardware faults may
    rectified either by replacing the PCB module in which fault occurred or by identify the section inside the PCB module where the fault occurred and replace the faulty SMD components / Chips/Microprocessor.
  • The software fault may rectified by using standard software CD for particular brand and model no., cable & a complete computer with appropriate software package.
  • This business can be started in a very less investment.
  • The basis for calculation of production capacity has been taken on single shift basis on 75% efficiency.
  • Hardware fault may be detected by multimeter and the faulty parts may be replaced.
  • The software part may be rectified with the help of Personnel Computer and CD drive of the software installed in mobile phones.
  • Over the past few years, the service industry grew in Philippines. There is an increasing number of opportunities in the repair industry for people who have good understanding and know-how on cell phone repair.
  • The branded Companies like Nokia and Samsung have their own service centers in the metros and big cities.
  • Repairing and Servicing of mobile phones have a good market prospect all over the country.


  • Mobile Service Center.
  • Design of Mobile Service Center.
  • Maximizing GSM Mobile Repair Centre Throughput.


  • Project Profile on Mobile Phone Repairing and Servicing.
  • Profile on Mobile Servicing Centre.
  • Mobile Phone Repairing & Servicing.
  • Service Centre for Consumer electronics and tele-communication Equipment.
  • Forecasting the future of mobile services.
  • Project for Service Centers.

Data sheet

  • Mobile Repair Centers.


  • Guide to Starting a Cell Phone Repair Business.

Servicing Tools

  • Mobile Phone Repair & Service Tools.
  • Phone Repair Tools.
  • Category of Phone Repair tools.

Service Manual

  • Nokia 1600 and 1110 Service Manual.
  • GSM Telephone Manual.
  • Service Manual of Nokia 6600.


  • Mobile Device Repair.
  • Service Center Programs.
  • Mobile Solutions.

Sample Centres

  • Service Centre1 from Chennai.
  • Service Centre2 from Chennai.
  • Service Centre1 from USA.
  • Service Centre2 from USA.
  • Service Centre3 from USA.
  • Service Centre from Germany.
  • Service Centre from UK.
  • Service Centre1 from India.
  • Service Centre2 from India.
  • Service Centre1 from Mumbai.
  • Service Centre2 from Mumbai.
  • Service Centre3 from Mumbai.

Training Centers

  • Training Center from India.
  • Training Center from Mumbai.
  • Mobile Repairing Training Center.


  • Customer at the center of Mobile Service Development.
  • Preferred Mobile Phone Repair Partner in UK for many leading brands.
  • Mobile Service Delivery Business Models in Europe and Japan.
  • Research of mobile spatial information service.
  • Advanced Mobile Phone Service.


  • Mobile Representative automation and control system.
  • Can service be as mobile as a locomotive?
  • How mobile devices are driving innovations in contact centers.
  • Evolution of Service Center features.
  • Trends in Service innovation enhanced by mobile services.
  • I-Mobile Service Centers improve security and Service.
  • Axiom Telecom Better customer service.
  • How to start a cell Phone Repair Business.
  • Mobile Hardware Repair Solutions Software.

Market Demands

  • Consumer Demand for Mobile Phone Service in the US.
  • Robust demand for mobile phone services will continue.
  • Increasing Smarter Service demand in Korea.









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