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  •  Almond production generates millions of tons of residues in addition to almond nuts
  • Almond residues, including
    shells, hulls, pruning, leaves, skin and inedible kernel disposition, are good feedstock for production of bio energy and other valuable compounds
  • Almond residues especially skin and hulls are high in
    phytochemicals such as antioxidants.
  • Extraction of phytochemicals from the residues before the residues are converted to energy presents an excellent Business Opportunity
  • Bitter almond shell contains high cellulose and also high Nitrogen content with little sulphur making it a good feed material for activated carbon generation
  • Almond shell used as growing media can be more ecologically-friendly and less expensive than traditional Rockwool since it can be locally produced.
  • Tomato plants grown in almond shell residue used 21% less water compared to Rockwool over the course of production
  • Almonds Processing

Project Information

  • Economic analysis of the commercial viability of energy production
  • Almond Shell Gasification

Technology Information 

  • Technical options for converting almond residues to energy and other valuable products
  • Briquetting of Almond Shell
  • Pyrolysis of almond shell
  • Colorant from almonds Shell
  • Almond Shell Based Composite Material
  • Biodegradable almond shell based master batches
  • Almond Shell Flour Glue extenders

Company Products

  • Almond Shell Filler
  • Ground Almond Shell
  • List of Almond shell powder companies

Activated Carbon

  • Activated Carbon Prepared from
    Almond Shells
  • Preparation and Study of Properties of Activated Carbon
  • Activated Carbon
  • Properties of activated carbons prepared from almond shell
  • Adsorption capacities

Applications & Market  Scenario

  • Almond co-products
  • Use of  almond shell waste
  • Utilization of Bitter Almond Shell
  • Almond shell based master batches
  • Almond shell in removal of mercury from aqueous solution
  • Almond Shell Particles on Tensile Property of Particleboard
  • Use of almond shell as horticultural substrate
  • Almond Shell Particles Filled Bio composite in Modified Epoxy Resin

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