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  • Blood is crucial for people and a crucial product in health care. blood bags and their labels need to be safe to ensure the quality of the blood.
  • There are two stages to blood bag labeling.
  • Primary blood bag labels are applied during the manufacture of the blood bags, one primary label on each bag.
  • Secondary blood bag label is applied over the primary label after the bags have been filled with blood – the blood is tested and the result printed on that label. labels must withstand cryogenic temperatures as Well as centrifugation forces.
  • The ISBT 128 standard provides the specification for many of the elements of the information environment required in transfusion and
    transplantation. It defines the lower three levels of the model, the
    definitions, reference tables, and data structures
  • ISBT 128 provides for unique identification of any donation worldwide
  • DIN sets, ISBT-128 compliant blank labels, print stations, and
    special project labels ensure the entire process is supported
    from collection to distribution
  • India will overtake China to become the world’s most populous nation by 2028. As medical standards improve, a huge expansion in the demand for blood bags & Labels is expected


  • Blood Bank
  • Pharmaceutical Labeling
  • Radiolabeled Red Blood Cells: Method and Mechanisms

ISBT 128

  • The ISBT 128 standard
  • ISBT 128 Standard
    Labeling of Blood Components
  • Technical Specifications
  • ISBT 128 coding and labelingof cellular therapy products worldwide
  • Examples of International ISBT 128 Labels
  • FAQ
  • Implementation Plan
  • RFID and ISBT 128: Using Radio Waves and Bar Codes to Increase Patient Safety

Companies & Blood Bag Labels

  • Licensed vendor of the ISBT128 standard
  • Tapes & Labels
    for the Blood Bank
  • Company in France
  • Company & products
  • Blood Bag
    Identification Labels.
  • Company Catalog
  • Primary Labels
  • Company in China
  • Company in India
  • Company in Michigan
  • Blood Bag Tracking
    Label Material
  • Company in USA
  • Primary Blood Bag Labels - USA
  • PVC Blood Bag Label
  • Label Customization Services
  • Product Features
  • Labels & packaging materials
  • White Polyolefin Single-Ply Blood
    Bag Tracking Label Materials
  • French Company -RFID

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Blood Transfusion

  • Blood Transfusion Service
  • Standard

Blood Label Solutions

  • Solution
    provider & Label manufacturer
  • Blood and IV Bag Identification Solutions
  • Barcode solutions
  • Blood ID Solutions
  • Blood bank labeling solution
  • Print and apply labels in one operation
  • Lab Labeling

Hardware & Equipments Suppliers

  • Label Printers
  • In-house label printing systems, print heads and consumables.
  • Label Printers
  • ISBT 128 Print Server

Market Scenario

  • Selecting the Right Labels for Laboratory use and Specimen Tracking
  • Case Study: French Company
  • Imports into India
  • International Survey
  • Import Details
  • Sample Tender


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