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  • Cocoa powder comes from cacao beans, which grow on cacao plants.
  • Coca refers to four plants native to South America that are used to make cocaine. These plants are different from the cacao plant used to make cocoa
  • Africa is the largest cocoa-producing region, accounting for some 72 per cent of world production of cocoa beans
  • Most of the cocoa from Africa is exported to the European chocolate industry , making African producers highly dependent on changes in demand from the chocolate industry in Europe.
  • Four countries – Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon – accounted for virtually all cocoa production in the region
  • Cocoa processing (grinding) continues to be undertaken predominantly in cocoa-importing countries
  • The major product categories based on different stages of
    processing are Cocoa beans (raw, or minimally processed); Semi-finished cocoa products (cocoa paste/liquor, cocoa butter, cocoa powder); Couverture, or industrial chocolate; Finished chocolate products.
  • Cocoa beans are mainly consumed in chocolates
    and widely used in beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
  • The United States of America and Germany are by far the largest
    chocolate-producing countries, accounting for some 47 per cent of overall consumer chocolate production
  • Nutritional Properties of Cocoa
  • The antioxidant activity of cocoa oil and cake
  • Sustainable Coca Industry

Project Information
  • Project Details
  • Primary Processing
  • Cocoa Processing plant
  • Processing Machinery
  • German Machinery
  • Triglyceride Profile of Cocoa Butter
  • Processing of cocoa pod
  • Coca Extract
  • Cocoa Liquor, Butter, & Powder Production
  • Supercritical fluid extraction of cocoa butter
  • Coca Bean Processing Methods
Companies Information
  • Company in Holland
  • Company in China
  • International Company
  • Company Performance
  • Company - Malaysia
Plant & Machinery
  • Coca Processing Line
  • Machinery from Israel
Technology Details
  • Cocoa Fat Systems
  • Cocoa processing technologies
  • Trisaturated Triglycerides in Cocoa Butter
  • Analysis for Theobromine content
  • Crystallisation of Cocoa Butter
  • Cocoa Butter Colour Development
  • Valorisation of waste cocoa butter triglycerides
  • Quantification of Coca Butter equivalents
  • Properties estimation methods


  • Confectionery Fats
Market Scenario
  • Market Opportunities
  • The high volatility of the world cocoa price
  • Exporting Coca Products
  • Market Report - 2017
  • Global Data Base
  • Coca Industry Profile
  • The cocoa oil industry value chain
  • Cocoa Beans Industry Quality Requirements
  • Producing Cocoa in Northern Australia
  • Coca Industry - Ghana

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