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  • Copper Coated M.S. Wire is used for Sub- Area welding process and Metal Inert Gas  welding process and many other applications such as in Fireworks
  • Mild steel wire rod of 6 or 8mm diameter available in coil bundle is cleaned by pickling.
    Pickling process involves
    dipping of M.S. Coil first in acid bath followed by dipping in Alkali Solution and then in water tank.
  • The cleaned wire rod is drawn on heavy duty drum type wire
    drawing M/C. After annealing the drum wire is again drawn up to desired gauge.
  • The wire is then passed through copper coating tank for coating of copper layer as per standard requirement.
  • Copper coating tank made out of Stainless Steel or Fiber Reinforced Plastic and Poly Propylene material with five / six chambers with the required heating arrangements.
  • Cupric nitrate Produced either by dissolving copper carbonate in nitric acid or direct from copper and nitric acid. It has a number of small uses, such as in ceramics, dyeing as a mordant, in fireworks and in photography.
  • Electric Matches and Squibs
  • Electric Match
  • Use of s-Block Compounds in Fireworks


  • Wire Processing Plants
  • Electrolytic Copper Coated
    Welding Wire
  • Copper electroplating
  • Factory Facilities
  • Premium Welding Wire Technical Bulletin
  • Winding wire coating

Project Information

  • Project outline - Copper coated M.S. Wire
  • Copper Coated M.S. Wire
  • Investing in Copper and Alloy Fabrication Plants


  • Import Data of copper coated wire
  • Wire & Machinery Association
  • Copper coated solid Steel
  • Sample Tender
  • Tender - Ship Builder
  • Tender - Railways
Machines Suppliers
  • Copper coating machinery
  • Machinery Supplier
  • High speed copper coating of welding wire


  • Copper-Free and copper Coated

Company & products

  • Company products
  • Company wire products
  • Copper coated wire
  • Solid welding wire
  • Company - Jaipur
  • Company - exporter
  • Company - wire products
  • Company in Punjab
  • Product data sheet


  • Use of Copper Compounds
  • Evaluation of Wires and Testing Methodology for MAG Welding
  • Fireworks and fireworks hazards


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