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  • Fish meal, or fishmeal, is a commercial product made from both whole fish and
    the bones and offal from processed fish.
  • It is a brown powder or cake obtained by rendering pressing the cooked whole fish or fish trimmings to remove most of the fish oil and water, and then ground.
  • What remains is the "fishmeal".
  • The species must be in large concentrations to give a high catching rate; this is essential because the value of industrial fish is less than that of fish for direct human consumption.
  • The fishery should preferably be based on more than one species in order to reduce the effect of fluctuations in supply of any one species.
  • The total abundance of long lived species varies less from year to year, and Species with a high fat content are more profitable, because the fat in fish is held at the expense of water and not at the expense of protein.
  • The amino acid profile of fishmeal is what makes this feed ingredient so attractive as a protein supplement.
  • High-quality fishmeal normally contains between 60% and 72% crude protein by weight.
  • Typical diets for fish may contain from 32% to 45% total protein by weight.
  • Another very important reason why fishmeal is sought after as an ingredient in aquaculture diets is because it contains certain compounds that make the feed more acceptable and agreeable to the taste .
  • This property allows for the feed to be ingested rapidly, and will reduce nutrient leaching.
  • It is thought the non-essential amino acid glutamic acid is one of the compounds that imparts to fishmeal its palatability.


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Manufacturing Process

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    aquafeeds: Trends and future prospects
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  • Determine optimal levels of fishmeal/fish oil replacement with soy products
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Suppliers & Raw material Suppliers

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  • Ethoxyquin derivatives as antioxidants in edible oils and fish meal
  • Process for producing premium quality fish meal from whole fish
  • Automatic timing device of sprinkling fish meal for fishpond
  • Process for producing improved fish meal, and fish oil by-product
  • Process of using precipitated amorphous silica or silicate as grinding aid for fish meal or fish food

Market & Plant

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Company profiles

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  • Food safety and added value of
    Icelandic fishmeal.Determination of toxic and nontoxic arsenic species in fish meal
  • Dimethyinitrosamine Formation in Fish Meal and Toxic Effects in Pigs

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