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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Biosurfactants or microbial surfactants are surface-active bimolecular that are produced by a variety of microorganisms
  • Rhamnolipids are one of Many kinds of bio surfactants
  • Rhamnolipids are used in various application areas, including environmental, health, food, cosmetic,
    oil industries, pharmaceuticals and environmental bio remediation particularly in enhanced oil recovery and cleaning of oil spills. 
  • Rhamnolipids are produced by fermentation process similar to those used to produce beer or other fermented products.
  • Bacteria is added to a fermentation tank and provided a nutrient source, generally a food grade olive, or soy oil, and under properly controlled conditions the result will be Rhamnolipids
Basic Information
  • Product Profile
  • Production, Purification And Antimicrobial Activity Of  Biosurfactants
  • Many Applications
  • Agriculture and Food Applications
  • Extraction of copper from mining residues
  • Bioremediation of gasoline contaminated soil
  • Isolation and screening of microorganisms from oil contaminated soil
  •  Oil-degrading Microorganisms

Technology Offer

  • Technology from German
  • Technology License
  • Patent - Rhamnolipids with improved cleaning
  • Rhamnolipids based formulation - Patent
Technology Information
  • Production Technology
  • Process Integration
  • Lipid Profile
  • Biotechnological production of rhamnolipids
  • Separation of Rhamnolipid biosurfactants from fermentation broth.
  • Rhamnolipid production from glucose
  • Production from Glycerol
Companies & Products
  • Product of USA
  • Product of Canada
  • Product of USA
  • Technical Data Sheet

Project Information

  • Global Market Scenario
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Rhamnolipids Quantification
  • Commercial Production

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