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  • Starch phosphate is one of the modified starches used in the frozen food industry.
  • Starch phosphates finds its application as additives in manufacturing of desserts, sweet creams, cakes, sauces, mayonnaise, canned vegetables, yoghurts as well as in non-food industry.
  • It is produced by phosphorification of free hydroxyl groups of anhydro-glucose units of starch molecule.
  • They are esterified with phosphate reagents.
  • Phosphate reagents for starch phosphate monoester are orthophosphate salts. Starch phosphate is produced normally by using wet process.
  • No reports are available on its use as pharmaceutical excipient.
  • Starch phosphate was prepared based on the method of Choi et al. with little modifications.
  • Take 100 grams of Potato starch and 30 grams of di-sodium hydrogen orthophosphate anhydrous. Suspend in 100 mL of water and stir continuously for 20 minutes.
  • This starch slurry was then filtered and the wet starch mixture was conditioned for 12 hours at room temperature (28oC).
  • To enhance phosphorylation, this mixture was heated in a forced air oven at 130oC for 3 hours. The product obtained was grounded and sized.
  • Starch phosphates may be grouped into two classes namely  monostarch phosphates and distarch phosphates (cross-linked starches).
  • Unsegregated wheat starch phosphate displayed higher viscosity values in temperature range between 50 and 96oC and also it sooner reached maximum viscosity than phosphates obtained from the fractions.
  • During holding at 96oC and cooling, both unsegregated and fractionated wheat starch phosphates showed similar viscosity value.
  • Corn starch phosphate was characterised by a little lower pasting temperature and smaller viscosity values than phosphates made of its fractions.
  • Modified starch
  • Non-Food Applications Of Starch
  • Starch phosphate


  • Modified Starches and Their Usages in Selected Food Products
  • Starch Modification and Applications
  • Microwave-assisted Synthesis of Cassava Starch Phosphates and their Characterization


  • HP-Starch
  • Structure-XL


  • Deodorant
  • Hydroxyl Starch Phosphate
  • Ultramaize
  • Oribe conditioner
  • Skin creams
  • Nourish natural
  • Neocutis
  • Magnederm
  • DDF Benzoyl peroxide gel

Manufacturing process

  • Preparation and evaluation of starch phosphate- a new modified starch as a disintegrant in tablet formulations
  • Starch manufacturing
  • Preparation, characterization and evaluation of starch phosphate
  • Preparation and Pasting Properties of Wheat and Corn Starch Phosphates
  • Preparation and Chemical Reactions
  • Preparation and characterisation of cross-linked Sago starch phosphates


  • Starch phosphate ester composition, process and method of use in food
  • Starch phosphate esters
  • Starch phosphates and amphoteric starch phosphates
  • Starch phosphate ester for use as an expansion aid
  • Starch phosphates, method for the production thereof and their use
  • Method of manufacturing cigarettes using high amylopectin starch phosphate material as an adhesive

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Raw material suppliers

  • Disodium hydrogen orthophosphate
  • Potato starch
  • Ethanol
  • Maize starch
  • Sodium phosphate

Company & Consultancy

  • Company from Mumbai
  • Company from Washington
  • Consultancy from Netherland
  • Modified Starches and Their Usages in Selected Food Products
  • Clean label starches and phosphate replacers: Ulrick & Short’s Asia focus


  • National starch seeks EU novel food status for dietary fibre

Research & Report

  • A factorial study on formulation and evaluation of solid dispersions of nimesulide employing starch phosphate, pvp k-30 and peg 4000
  • Modified Starch
  • Starch bound phosphate


  • Properties of corn and wheat starch phosphates obtained from granules segregated according to their size
  • Distribution and structural form of phosphate ester groups in commercial starch phosphates
  • Location of Phosphate Esters in a Wheat Starch Phosphate
    by 3"P-Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy'
  • Drainage aids containing bound phosphorus
  • Application for the approval of rs4-fibre Modified starch (phosphated di-starch Phosphate) from high amylose maize starch
  • Flocculation of kaolin by waxy maize starch phosphates

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