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  • Edible grade rice bran , defatted rice bran and their fractions have great potential of being used in various foods to upgrade their nutritional and health promoting potential
  • Rice bran obtained by the two stage milling of raw rice has nearly 18 to 20 per cent oil. However, a higher level of oil is present in bran obtained from parboiled paddy which does not require any stabilisation.
  • Oil can be obtained from rice bran by the traditional method of processing (pressing), but the yield would be low.
  • The modern methods of solvent extraction of bran can, however, recover all the oil present in the bran. The crude oil obtained from solvent extraction has to be further purified by degumming, dewaxing, deoderisation and decolouration to obtain edible grade rice bran oil.
  • In the U.S., rice bran oil is currently being used in up-scale snack food production and various types of restaurants. Traditionally, potato chips and even French fries have been fried in rice bran oil throughout various Asian countries, such as Japan due to the flavour and also the oxidative stability that Rice Bran Oil offers.
  • Research and Development in USA, Japan and Thailand has yielded many value added products from rice bran oil.
    India is also to focus its research in such value added products as oryzanol, IF-6, Squalene, Ferulic acid esters which are used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics & food industries.
  • Rice Bran Oil is extensively used in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Thailand as a premium edible oil
  • U.S. Scientists have also shown a tremendous interest in the cholesterol lowering properties of Rice Bran Oil
  • Rice bran wax is an important by product of rice bran oil industry. It can be used in the preparation candles, polishes, cosmetics, emulsifiers and other industrial preparations
  • Rice Policosanols are a family of aliphatic (non-ring) alcohols that have diverse beneficial effects. The original Japanese research was based on rice wax policosanols. The main policosanols are Octacosanol, Triacontanol, Dotriacontanol, Tetracosanol, Hexacosanol, Tetratriacontanol, Hexatriacontanol and Docosanol. Rice is the richest source of Docosanol

About Rice Bran Oil

  • Rice Brawn
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  • Gastrazyme
  • Rice Bran Oil for Health
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Dietary Fiber from Rice Bran
  • Tocotrienols
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  • Cholesterol Reduction
  • Triacontanol

India Scenario

  • Seminar on Rice Bran Oil
  • Promotional Work
  • Consumer Awareness
  • Trends 2005
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  • Madurai Company
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Products, Company Reports

  • USA Rice Oil Company
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  • Rice Bran Oil Plant in Vietnam
  • Companies in the Field
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  • Technology advances
  • Refining Rice Bran Oil - dewaxing & degumming
  • Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of Fatty
    and Waxy Material from Rice Bran
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  • Stabilized Rice Bran
  • Industry Modernization
  • Project Outline
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  • Short Path Distillation Technology (SPD)
  • Helpline for Rice Bran Oil Refinery
  • The feasibility of extracting oil from rice and bioconverted rice bran by SFE technique
  • Brown Rice Storage
  • Equipment Design
  • Deacidification
  • Winterization
  • Rice Bran wax

Regulatory Issues

  • The Prevention of
    Food Adulteration Act & Rules
    (as on 1.10.2004)
  • Eco Mark Scheme

Sources of Information & Articles of Interest

  • Proprietary Technology Stabilizes Rice Bran without Destroying Nutrients
  • Crystal growth - rice bran wax
  • Rice Callus
  • Antioxidant from ricebran - Patent
  • Patents
  • Plant Nutrients - Patent
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  • Microwave-assisted extraction
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  • World Jute - RBO for packaging
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