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  • Butadiene, one of the major building blocks of the petrochemical industry, is presently exclusively produced from oil.
  • About ten million tons are produced each year, of which two thirds are used to manufacture synthetic rubber
  • The remaining third is used to produce nylon, lattices, ABS plastics and other polymers.
  • The largest single use of butadiene is in the production of styrene butadiene rubber used primarily in the manufacture of tires.
  • The global butadiene market is estimated at $30 billions
  • Currently, the industry relies mainly on butadiene as a co-product from
    naphtha-cracking to ethylene
  • Alternative bio-based production routes are underway to meet the high demand for butadiene.
  • Biotechnology advances of the past few years have introduced the
    possibility that fermentation or other biological methods can become economically viable solutions
  • New technologies are patented that converts local, highly abundant waste and low cost resources into sustainable,
    valuable commodities such as butadiene
  • There are two chief methods of producing butadiene from ethanol
  • Bio based Chemicals
  • Bulk chemicals from biomass
  • Sustainable Chemistry
  • From Feedstock to End Products
  • Plastic Industry
  • Bio-based Feedstocks

Companies in the Field

  • Project Proposed
  • Project Information
  • Corporations in Synthetic biology
  • Company Profile
  • Companies in Partnership
  • Technical feasibility & financial viability
  • Technology Breakthrough

Manufacturing process

  • Synthesis of Butadiene
  • Economic analysis for the production of butadiene
  • Routed to Bio Butadiene
  • Bio-rubber with bio-butadiene from sugars
  • Catalytic Conversion


  • Technology Brief
  • Catalytic Technologies
  • Polymer Materials
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Bio-Ethanol as Feedstock for Butadiene Production


  • Market Reports - Butadiene & Derivatives
  • Process Economics
  • Process Evaluation & Research


  • Compositions and methods for the detection of organisms having butadiene biosynthetic capability.
  • Methods and materials for producing butadiene and butadiene precursors in recombinant host cells
  • Bio-based adhesive material


  • Market assessment
  • Renewable Building Blocks for Adhesives
  • Butadiene Market
  • Rubber : Case Study
  • Market Opportunities for Ethanol

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