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Information profile @ a Glance
  • USA Abrasive Industry is about $ 5 Billions
  • Durable goods manufacturing will remain the dominant market, with the motor vehicle segment growing the fastest. Nonmetallic coated and bonded abrasives and loose grains and powders will outperform metallic abrasives, according to reputed consultants
  •  Saint-Gobain Abrasives, the world’s leading abrasives manufacturer, is the only international supplier of abrasives that manufactures each of the 3 major types of abrasives; Bonded Abrasives (resinoid and vitrified), Coated Abrasives, and Diamond products
  • Micron graded diamond metal or resin-bonded in an open-dot pattern allows conformance to a variety of contours, produces aggressive cutting action, and reduces loading. Designed for use on a variety of hard-to-grind materials
  • The Metal Bond Diamond segments are used in grinding, leveling and preparing the Granite monuments, Slabs and Tiles surface for the ultimate polishing
  • Metal Bond Diamond Floor Grinding Discs are best used for concrete floor slippage removal and heavy grinding
  • Resin bond diamond tools are widely used by Granite Monument Manufacturers

Basic Information

  • Resin & Metal Bond products

  • Abrasive Technology

  • Abrasive processes

Companies & Products
  • Diamond abrasive system
  • Polishing Blocks
  • Arrow Segment Metal Bond Diamonds
  • Diamond tooling catalog
  • Machines & tools
  • Diamond and cBN Tools for the Tools Industry
  • Company catalog
  • Chinese company products
  • Bonded abrasives
  • Natural & Synthetic diamond abrasives
  • Polishing tools

Technical Information

  • Abrasive Manufacturing
  • Guide to Bonding
  • Manufacturing equipment supplier
  • Production line of electroplated diamond wires
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Element Six encapsulation technology
  • Fixed abrasive diamond wire machining
  • Hermetic Packaging and Sealing Technology
  • Industry Contacts
  • Diamond Saw Blade Equipment
  • Polishing Machines
  • CVD Diamond
  • Abrasive Pencils
  • Wafer Bonding



  • Diamond Aggregate abrasive materials for resin bonded applications
  • Metal Coated synthetic diamonds embedded in synthetic resinous matrix bond
  • Polycrystalline Diamond
  • Resin bonding type tool and manufacturing thereof
  • Diamond tool fabricated by combining mesh net with synthetic resin material
  • Polishing Disc
  • Polishing Pad Conditioning
  • Abrasive Polishing Pad with Covalently bonded abrasive particles
  • Polishing Pad, Polishing Method, and Polishing Machine for Wafers
  • Polishing Pad
  • Polishing Pad
  • Polishing Pad
  • Diamond Wire Saw Device
  • Segment type Diamond tool

Technology Sourcing

  • Technology available
  • Asian and Pacific Centre for technology Transfer
  • Technology Licensing
  • Patent Attorneys

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