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  • Nitro compounds are organic compounds that contain one or more nitro functional groups (-NO2).
  • The nitro compounds are colourless, somewhat pleasant smelling liquids.
  • Nitro compounds distil without decomposition and possess boiling points much higher than those of the isomeric nitrous esters.
  • Most of the poly-nitro compounds are not volatile, but undergo decomposition on heating .
  • A wide range of aromatic nitro compounds with tellurium powder in aqueous methanolic ammonium chloride and resulted in selective reduction of the nitro groups.
  • Synthesis of primary and secondary nitro compounds which involves treating alkyl halides with sodium nitrite in dimethylformamide yields 5542% of pure nitro compounds are obtained.
  • Aliphatic and aromatic nitro compounds were selectively reduced to their corresponding amino derivatives in good yields using formic acid and RE HY zeolite under microwave irradiation.
  • Very frequent method for preparation of aliphatic nitro compounds is oxidation of primary amines with potassium permanganate.
  • The role of reactive nitrogen oxide species (RNOS) in human disease states characterized by inflammation, such as coronary atherosclerosis, has largely been obtained from the quantification of 3-nitrotyrosine in diseased tissues.
  • Nitro-compounds such as glycerol trinitrate (nitroglycerin), isosorbide dinitrate, sodium nitroprusside, amyl nitrite and other agents produce vasodilation by actions of cyclic guanine monophosphate (cyclic GMP) synthesized through stimulations of cytosolic guanylate cyclase.
  • Nitrate simultaneously induced NADH- and NADPH-nitrate reductase activities in rice seedlings.
  • Rapid and selective reduction of nitro compounds is of importance for the preparation of amino derivatives.
  • The adsorption of several aromatic nitro compounds and the ion-exchange of heavy metal ions on electro-oxidized carbon fibres have been investigated using cyclic voltammetric and polarographic techniques.
  • Nitric oxide(NO) has been detected as the product of thermal decomposition of nitro-organics by IR spectroscopy, microwave spectroscopy, and fluorescence techniques.
  • Ab itritio molecular orbital calculations on some nitro compounds, RN02 (R = CH,, CF,, CH,F, BH,,BF,, BHF, C6H5) and on the corresponding radical anions are reported.
  • About nitrocompounds
  • Intoduction about nitrocompounds
  • About Styphnic acid
  • Nitroalkane chemistry


  • Consultant from NewDelhi
  • Consultant from London
  • Consultant from Hudson
  • Consultant from Philadelphia
  • Consultant from California


  • Tradeleads of nitrocompounds


  • Benzotriazole-mediated amidoalkylations of nitroalkanes, nitriles, alkynes and esters
  • Organic Chemistry-Nitrocompounds
  • Biosynthesis of nitrocompounds
  • Dry Ozonation of Amines. Conversion of Primary Amines
  • A New Method for the Synthesis of Aliphatic Nitro Compounds
  • Selective Reduction of Nitro Compounds Using Formic Acid and RE HY zeolite under Microwaves
  • Synthesis of Nitro compounds
  • Advances in Heterogeneous Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation of Aromatic Nitro Compounds


  • Evidence for the nitration of c-tocopherol in vivo
  • Synthesis of fine chemicals by the conjugate addition of nitroalkanes to electrophilic alkenes
  • Actions of a Newly Synthesized Nitro-Compound, E-4701, on Rabbit Vascular Smooth Muscles
  • Nitrate Reductase of Rice Seedlings and Its Induction by Organic Nitro-Compounds
  • Zinc/Hydrazinium Monoformate Reduction of Nitro Compounds to Amines
  • Serological studies on azoproteins


  • One-pot reductive acetamidation of aryl nitro compounds
  • Cmp composition containing organic nitro compounds
  • Synthesis of geminal dinitrocompounds
  • Hydrogenation of aromatic nitrocompounds to aromatic amines
  • Laminates with adhesives containing aliphatic nitro compounds
  • Process of purifying crude aromatic nitrocompounds
  • Nitro compound-reducing process


  • Adsorption of nitro compounds and ion-exchange of heavy metals
  • Chemical Lithography by Surface-Induced Photoreaction of Nitro Compounds
  • Multi-Dimensional Detection of Nitro-Organic Explosives by Gas Chromatography-Pyrolysis-Ultraviolet Detection
  • Cyano- and Nitro-containing Compounds from the Roots of Semiaquilegia adoxoides
  • Photochemistry of Aromatic Nitro Compounds


  • Safety data for picric acid
  • Picric acid
  • XScentTM Trinitrotoluene


  • Accelerated Process Development of Pharmaceuticals: Selective CatalyticHydrogenations of Nitro Compounds Containing Other Functionalities
  • Catalytic HgCl2-Samarium System Induced Reductive Coupling of Nitriles with Nitro Compounds
  • Cycloaddition chemistry of nitrocompounds
  • A new multicomponent reaction of nitro compounds with isocyanides
  • One-pot synthesis of polysubstituted indoles from aliphatic nitro compounds under mild conditions
  • Thermophilic Biotransformations of 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene Under Simulated Composting Conditions
  • The versatility of nitro compounds


  • External Contamination of Landmines by Organic Nitro-Compounds
  • Dangers in Organic Nitro Compound Reactions
  • Registration of premises for the keeping of gunpowder and mixed explosives, excluding firework shop goods
  • Reaction Safety Hazards
  • Picricacid safety


  • Southern California particulate matter supersite
  • Cyclizations of 5,6-difunctionalized pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidinetriones
  • Interventions to reduce epizootic pathogenic bacteria in swine and cattle
  • Metabolic variables affecting the efficacy,safety and fate of agricultural chemicals
  • The reducing action of waste sulphite benzene


  • Nitroalkane-based chemistries offer performance advantages compliance
  • 2,4-Difluoronitrobenzene report
  • Effect of Ultrasound on One-Pot Conversion of Alcohols to Nitro and Azido Compounds
  • Fluorescence quenching behaviour of hyperbranched polymer to the nitro-compounds
  • Compatibility of Functional Groups in KOw-Based QSARs
  • Ab initio study on radical anions of nitro compounds

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