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  • Chemically activated carbons are typically used to activate raw materials with a lignocellulosic component such as cellulose, including wood, sawdust, paper mill waste and peat
  • The activated carbon created by chemical activation has internal porosity developed primarily due to the action of the chemical dehydration agent.
  • The carbon-based raw material used in the chemical activation process is treated with a strong chemical agent, including but not limited to phosphoric acid, zinc chloride, sulphuric acid or potassium hydroxide, that dehydrates molecules in the raw material, and results in the formation of water that is removed from the raw material by moderate
    heat treatment.
  • Chemically activated carbon is most suitable for following natural and synthetic chemical solutions:
    Glucose Syrup (Dextrose), Crystalline Glucose, Crystalline Fructose, Citric Acid Crystals, Starch Paracetamol, Fine & Bulk Drugs, Insecticides, Crystalline Waxes, Liq. Paraffin Oil, Shellac Paper Extract, Rice Bran Oil, Fine Chemicals, Spl. Applications
  • Activated Carbon Technology
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  • Company in USA
  • Product of Chinese company
  • Acid washed product from Company in India
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Technology Details
  • Chemical Activation Process
  • Activated Carbon produced from Industrial sludge
  • Potassium hydroxide activation of activated carbon
  • Zinc chloride activation
  • Chemically activated carbon derived from areca nut shell
  • Activated Carbon from Biomass
  • Activated Carbon From Banana pith
  • Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal
  • Chemically Activated Carbon from Waste Tire Char
  • Activated Carbon Derived from Rice Husk by Chemical Activation
  • Process for making chemically activated carbon
  • Chemical, Electrochemical regeneration of activated carbon
  • Chemically activated carbon and preparation of the same
  • Process for making chemically activated carbon
  • Method of making chemically activated carbon
  • Chemical Regeneration of activated carbon


  • Purification of Alcohol
  • Removal of Toxic Dichlorophenol from Water
  • Methylene Blue Colour Removal
Market Scenario
  • Monograph including process details and regulatory issues
  • Chinese Industry
  • Chinese Competition
  • Association of activated carbon producers

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