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  • Pig iron is the intermediate product of smelting iron ore.

  • Pig iron contains a large amount of carbon.

  • Pig iron can also be used to produce gray iron.

  • Pig-iron always contains foreign substances, among which are Carbon, Silicon, Sulphur, Phosphorus, and Manganese, besides many others in smaller proportion.

  • Pig Iron refers to the metallic product of a furnace that contains over 90% iron.

  • Pig iron is used in Steelmaking as a high quality source of pure irons units.

  • Modern pigs are produced by a continuous pig casting machine.

  • This type of iron is further refined through additional melting and blending processes to create wrought iron, cast iron or steel.

  • pig iron containing a high percentage of phosphorus, used in making steel by a process that removes the phosphorus.

  • The traditional shape of the molds used for these ingots was a branching structure formed in sand with many individual ingots at right angles to a central channel or runner.
  • The term was derived from the method of casting the bars of the pig iron in depressions or moulds formed in the sand floor adjacent to the furnace.
  •  Pig iron in the chemical state in which it exists when tapped from the blast furnace, without alloying or refinement.




  •  Coke Powder Use in Pig Iron Production
  • Industrial Technology Program
  • Indian Pig Iron Industry and its Growth Potential
  • Iron and Steel Society
  • Sesa Industries
  • Pig Iron Basic


  • Allcem Cement
  • Blast Furnace Iron
  • Carbon And Sulfur In Pig Iron
  • Essroc GGBF Slag
  • Foundry Pig Iron

Turnkey Provider

  • Turnkey Provider From China
  • Turnkey Provider From Kolkata


  • Process For The Production Of Pig Iron
  • Process For Production Pig Iron From Iron Ore Concentrate
  • Process For Dephosphorizing Molten Pig Iron
  • Process For Producing Pig Iron
  • Refining Hematite Pig Iron


  • Processes In Iron And Steel Industries And Collieries
  • The Manufacture of Pig Iron in the Blast Furnace
  • Iron and Steel Manufacturing
  • The Output of Manufacturing Industries
  • Driving Destruction in the Amazon
  • Grand River Ironsands
  • Pig Iron Production
  • Iron and Steel Production
  • Pig Iron Production And Reforestation In Carajas
  • The New Technology for Iron Production
  • Social and Environmental Consequences of Pig Iron
  • Experiences With The Usage Of Alloyed Pig Iron For The Stainless Steel Production
  • Steel Industry Production Processes
  • Pig Iron Production By The Blast Furnace Route
  • Supplier 1 From China
  • Supplier 2 From China
  • Supplier From Jaipure
  • Supplier From Kolkata
  • Supplier From West Bengal

Company profiles

  • Company from Jharkhand
  • Company from Haryana
  • Company from Delhi
  • Company from Singapore
  • Company from Jaipur


  • Consultancy from Jaipure
  • Consultancy from Jharkhand
  • Consultancy from Delhi
  • Consultancy from Haryana
  • Consultancy from Singapore


  • Sector report for the iron and steel industry
  • Northern Iron
  • Proposed Pig Iron Complex
  • SBB Research Report


  • A Laboratory Study To The Production And Properties Of Pig Iron Nuggets
  • Overview Of The Merchant Pig Iron Market And Some Current Issues
  • Pig Iron And Reach
  • Scrap Supplements Update
  • Status of Ferrosilicon and Pig Iron Production by Electric Smelting under the Liberalized Economy
  • Carburization Effects On Pig Iron Nugget Making
  • Utilization Of Pig Iron In The Electric Arc Furnace


  • Pig Iron General Purpose
  • Iron and Steel Productivity, Energy Efficiency And Carbon Emission
  • Northern Limb Pig Iron Project
  • Continuous Pig Iron Making by Microwave Heating
  • Production of Pig Iron From Nalco Redmud By Application of Plasma Smelting Technology

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