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  • Freezing is a quick, convenient, and popular way to preserve fruits and vegetables. Freezing is not usually as economical as canning, but it preserves more nutrients in the food if properly done.
  • Cold storage of fruits and vegetables was used extensively by our ancestors to keep food after the harvest season.
  • There are two process freezing techniques - contact freezing and air blast freezing.
  • The cooling process is one of the most important steps in the chain that brings fruits and vegetables from the farm to the table.
  • Built-in-place cold storage can be constructed out of wood pole and post, steel and/or concrete block.
    The construction cost will depend on labor cost and on the type of materials used for the frame, walls, floor, ceiling and insulation.
  • The grower has the following options for cold storage facilities: Built-in-place cold storage, Adapted cold storage, Prefabricated cold storage.
    Out of this the smaller capacity storages at Hotels, Restaurants, airports, etc. account for about 2/3rds and 1/3rd for large cold storages ranging from 1000 tons to 10,000 tons of product.
  • India is one of the world’s largest producers of fruits and vegetables but nearly 30 percent of this production is lost due to inadequate cold chain facilities.
  • With a long coastline of 3650 miles, the Indian marine product
    industry is growing rapidly, but large quantities of marine products are wasted because of lack of storage facilities.
  • Other food segments like dairy products, and processed meat, also require cold storage
  • Realizing the urgent need for cold storage facility, the Government of India have accorded high priority for this segment.
  • India’s existing food cold storage facilities can accommodate 21.7m tons of produce compared with a requirement for more than 31m tons
    A shortfall of 10m tons of cold storage facilities for agriculture produce is holding back Indian food industry including its rapidly developing food processing sector
  • The cold storage facilities now available are mostly for a single commodity like potato, orange, apple, grapes, pomegranates, flowers, etc. which results in poor capacity utilization.
  • Government Support for cold storage plants are available in the form of subsidies, consultancy services - to help linking farmers to market & to avoid heavy losses & wastes of food products
  • Banks usually encourage cold storages where 70% of the capacity is available to farmers for storage on rentals.
  • Financial viability of a unit depends upon the intended pattern of use and rental rate prevalent in an area. However, units entirely to be used by the owners are also considered for sanction. Considering 70:30 utilization of the capacity for rentals and own use, a 5000 MT capacity unit is considered
  • A large number of cold storages have come up with heavy subsidies, loans and help from the cooperatives and the Government. The old ones have been revamped, generators added to take care of power cuts and the availability of foods by storages / cold storages / CA and MA storages are on the increase.
  • Reliable Refrigeration machinery and plants are indigenously manufactured and expertise developed which is also playing a leading role in the export of fruits / vegetables / meat / flowers etc. as well.
  • There is big development in the retail sector in India.
  • Each Retailer is supposed to have their own cold chains across the country making the cost of organized retailing costly
  • Individual business ventures to cater to the retail sector is therefore very promising in the absence of national cold chain of network
  • Community Cold Storage
  • Cold Storage Chart
  • Successful Cold Storage
  • Cold Storage Presentation

Cold Storage Methods

  • Freezing Fruits and Vegetables
  • Cold Storage of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Post Harvest Handling of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Pre-Cooling and Storage Facilities
  • Harvest and Storage of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Storage of Home-Grown Vegetables
  • Storing Vegetables
  • Cold Storage Warehouses
  • Macadamia Nut Cold Storage
  • Onion Cold Storage
  • Parsnip Cold Storage
  • Orange Cold Storage
  • Storage Operation of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Storing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Cold Storage of Photographs
  • Fruit and Vegetable Processing
  • Tunnel Forced-Air Coolers for Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  • Containers and Packaging Fruits and Vegetables
  • Containers and Packaging Fruits and Vegetables
  • Aflatoxin B1 Production in Chillies


  • Cold Storage Technology
  • Common Cold Storage
  • US Patent for Cold Storage Temperatures
  • Cold Storage Pack
  • Cognizant-USCS RFID Solution Center
  • Cold Storage-Cooling Technology
  • Phase Change Materials for Cold Storage Applications
  • Cold Storage of Photographic Materials in Conventional Freezer Using CMI
  • Cold Logistics Automated Storage


  • How to Buy Fresh Vegetables
  • Quality Assurance for Strawberries
  • 1-MCP and Fruit Quality
  • Ripening and Quality of Laetitia Plums
  • Effect of Cold Temperature Storage on Quality of Pawpaw and Guava Leathers


  • ISO Standards for Dried Fruits and Vegetables
  • ISO Standards for Food Products
  • Private Standards, Handling and Hygiene in Fruit Export
    Supply Chains
  • DMA Practice Standards
  • Fruits and Vegetables Standards


  • Food Safety
  • Hygiene Measures in Fruit and
    Vegetable Storage Warehouses
  • Refrigeration and Food Safety
  • Microbiological Safety of Fresh
    Fruits and Vegetables


  • Cold Storage Guidelines
  • Basics for Handling Food Safely
  • Food Storage Guidelines For Consumers
  • Storage Guidelines For Fruits & Vegetables
  • Table Grapes-Post Harvest Quality Maintenance Guidelines
  • Food Processing Policy in India


  • Onion Cold Storage
  • Colorado Garlic
  • Cold Storage of Plantation and Horticulture Produce
  • Cold Storage Investment Projects
  • Demolition of Cold Storage Building
  • Ice-age Genome Project Faces Cold Storage
  • Morobe Provincial Government
  • Refrigeration Systems for Cold Storage
  • SEF Cold Storage Project


  • Amy S Kauffman
  • Pioneer Cold
  • Experts in Warehousing
  • Consultant Talks Still in Cold Storage
  • United States Cold Storage
  • WSDA
  • Cold Storage/Storages for Horticultural Produce - Capital Investment Subsidy
  • Warehouse Capacity Utilization
  • NCDC-Funding Pattern
  • Marayur Project Remains in Cold Storage
  • Cold Storage Plants Loan Regulations
  • Cold Storage Plant in Alquizar
  • High-Level Expert Committee on Cold Storage

Business Plan

  • Business Planning for a Cold Storage Facility
  • Master Plan State Cold Storage
  • Cold Storage Feasibility Analysis

Plant Details

  • Cold Room Plant
  • Cold Storage for Cut Flowers and Plant Material
  • Storage Construction of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Storage Options
  • Mihir Engineers
  • Neer Enterprises
  • MEG Cold Storage

Equipment Suppliers

  • Cold Storage Equipment
  • Cold Storage or Refrigerated Companies
  • Cold Storage and Other Food & Fruits Storage Facilities
  • Freezer & Cold Storage
  • Cold Storage Manufacturing
  • Cold Storage or Freezing Equipment Suppliers in India
  • Industrial Machinery Equipment & Supplies
  • Cold Storage Plant and Machinery in India
  • Cold Storage Traders
  • Cold Storage Buyers List
  • Vegetable Company Links


  • AFFI -Cold Storage Reports
  • Atlas Cold Storage
  • Western Fruit Report
  • NASS-Cold Storage Report
  • Byrne Enters Biologic Cold Storage Business
  • Two Cold Storage Units Set- Up
  • Psion Teklogix

Markets in India

  • Agriculture in India
  • Fruit and Vegetable Marketing and its Efficiency in India
  • India’s Emerging Apple Market
  • Cold Storage Industry in India
  • Consumer Markets in India
  • Food Processing
  • Geothermal Energy  for Food Processing Indian Status
  • India Booming Market for Washington Apples
  • Tropical Fruits in Asia
  • McDonald’s India’s Cold Chain

Global Markets

  • Vegetables and Melons Outlook
  • China’s Rising Fruit and
    Vegetable Exports
  • CMO for Fruit and Vegetables-Europe
  • Cold Chain Equipment and Services-Peru
  • China’s Fruit and Vegetable Trade
  • Owens Global Logistics Opens Cold Storage Facility
  • US Cold Storage Industry Growth
  • Dutch Cold Storage Company
Company Profiles
  • Fresh and Healthy Enterprises Limited
  • Cold Storage Companies List
  • Saurabh Cold Storage
  • Atlas Cold Storage
  • Bright HVAC Engineers
  • European Cold Storage and Logistics Association
  • Gleeson Constructors
  • Henningsen Cold Storage
  • Conestoga Cold Storage
  • Delico Cold Storage


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