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  • Marine aggregates are playing  an important role in the provision of high quality raw materials in construction industry and also for coastal protection.
  • Aggregates are nothing but  the colloidal fraction, which typically contains particles sized between 1 nm and several micrometers.
  • Sand and gravel are the most generally taken aggregates from the seabed.
  • By trailer suction hopper dredgers that are capable of transporting cargoes of up to 9,000 tonnes from offshore.
  • The Aggregates are delivered  into coastal towns and cities direct from the dredge site by ship.
  • It reduces the need for road transport and also confers some environmental advantages.
  • Marine Aggregate dredging for marine minerals has mainly occurred in UK waters for many years.
  • In response to the need the sand and gravel aggregates are used as construction aggregate and for beach replenishment.
  • Existing marine aggregates are licensed in these areas and they would permit removal of about 4.5 million tonnes per year.
  • Nash Bank is one of the main source of marine dredged sand supplier  in the Bristol Channel, and they are supplying up to 900,000 tonnes per year.
  • The small aggregates are then collide and aggregate with other aggregates.
  • An ecosystem approach to management, assigns value to sub zones that drive ecological processes and is one way to achieve preservation of the larger marine ecosystem.
  • Ecosystem management forces us to adopt a holistic view of the components as parts of the system, rather than the reductionist view of single-species management.
  • Data are lacking and qualitative information exists on certain areas.
  • Where species aggregate (wintering, resting, feeding, spawning, breeding, nursery, rearing area or migration routes), this information should be used as an alternative or addition to broad-scale quantitative abundance data.
  • It is difficult to identify the boundaries of such aggregation areas, highly in  mobile species.
  • Dutch perspective on mineral data management
  • Marine Aggregate and dredging
  • Marine aggregate and prehistory
  • Marine sands in mortars and seeds
  • Marine in planning
  • Sand and gravel Map
  • Strategic importance
  • Sustainable development


  • Coastal defence
  • IT-Aggregates
  • MALSF-2010
  • Marine animals
  • Marine Aggregate at a glance
  • Significance and Contribution
  • Use of marine aggregates


  • CITGO Super guard
  • Cross fields product
  • Five Star Marine


  • Cemex Aggregates
  • Current production
  • Eco System Goods

Manufacturing process

  • Aggregate dredging part-2
  • Aggregates from Sea
  • Crown Estate
  • Off Shore Aggregate Process
  • Coastal process


  • Antiviral Nutraceutical
  • Concrete Marine float and method
  • European patent
  • Lightweight Concrete
  • Offshore Marine Anchoring Structure
  • Pyroprocessed aggregates
  • Submersible marine vessel


  • Aggregates levy
  • Biodiversity
  • Hazardous material
  • Marine aggregates archaeology
  • Marine management organization
  • MARA-Risk assessment


  • Aggregate Resources
  • Environmental Appraisal
  • Framework Evaluating
  • Historic Environment
  • Marine Aggregates
  • Seabed Characterization
  • Suppliers from UK
  • Suppliers from Chennai
  • Suppliers from Coimbatore
  • Suppliers from Gujarat
  • Suppliers from Delhi
  • Suppliers from Italy
  • Suppliers from West Bengal

Raw material

  • Marine sediments
  • Sustainable environment

Company profiles

  • Company from China
  • Company from UK
  • Company from Denmark
  • Company from London
  • Company from London
  • Company from UK
  • Company  from Belgium
  • Company from UK


  • Consultancy from UK
  • Consultancy from UK
  • Consultancy from UK
  • Dredging
  • Market Study
  • Socio economic impacts


  • Economic and societal costs and benefits
  • European aggregate Association
  • Summary of Statistics-2011
  • UK marine Aggregate Sector
  • Seerawp


  • Marine Aggregate Dredging
  • Benthic Studies
  • Development plan in  marine
  • Direct and indirect impacts
  • Lightweight process
  • Marine Aggregate Extraction


  • Guide on aggregates
  • Practices and technologies
  • Technology Conference

Turnkey Suppliers

  • Turnkey supplier from UK
  • Turnkey supplier from UK
  • Equipment Supplier from India

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