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  • Petroleum Resin  other name is  Petroleum Hydrocarbon Resin.
  • C5 and C9 distillates mainly used as the raw material.
  • Hydrocarbon resin produced  from C5, C9 fraction.
  • High polymer and  low polymer with the molecular weight between 300-3000.
  • By-products of petroleum cracking, through pretreatment, polymerization and distillation.
  • The bundle ensures the cooling of the light fraction C1 - C5 from the top of the distillation column which
    carries out the removal of pentane and smaller derivates into the RC equipment.
  • C9 petroleum resin which can increase the gloss of paint and improve the adhesion in paint industry mainly use the high softening point of paint.
  • Low softening point of C9 petroleum resin is mainly used in rubber industry, which has a good miscibility with natural rubber particles.
  • C9 petroleum resin having good adhesion, added in the process of producing adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives can improve the adhesive bond strength.
  • And also it helps in acid resistance, alkali resistance and water resistance, and also can reduce production costs effectively.
  • Petroleum resin having the  characteristic of unsaturated it can be used as paper glue, plastic modifier.
  • Petroleum Resin with melting point in the Range of 90-110 C is used as a tackifier for various synthetic rubbers including SBR and natural rubbers, and provides excellent effects in improving processibility and performances of these rubbers.
  • Petroleum resins are not used independently, but have to be used together with other kinds of resins as promoters, adjusting agents and modifiers.
  • At the same time it used in Paint, Ink, Coating, Adhesive, Rubber Tyre, asphalt industries in a wide range of applications.
  • Emulsion paint is a water-based paint used for painting interior or exterior surfaces.
  • $1800-2300 per ton is the market price in latest petroleum market.
  • Hydrocarbon resin is a kind of Synthetic resin and it is typically manufactured using a chemical. polymerization process.
  • They are also used for fibers, bristles, bearings, gears, molded objects, coatings, and adhesives.
  • C9 hydrocarbon resin price is in the range from $900-1300. 



  • Black color Hydrocarbon resins
  • Petroleum Resins
  • HazMap-Resins properties
  • Petroleum fluids
  • Polyesters on the basis of petroleum resin
  • Copolymerized Petroleum Resin
  • PLA and PET 12-ounce water bottles


  • Eastman's spectrum of  hydrocarbon resins
  • Resin use in petroleum industry
  • Petroleum resin c9 in paint industry
  • Hydrocarbon resins-different way of uses
  • Hydrocarbon resins are used in road marking paints
  • Uses in printing ink and rubber mixing


  • Emulsified petroleum Resins
  • Petroleum resin 25
  • Hydrocarbon resin
  • C5 petroleum resin
  • Puyang Petroleum resin
  • Shangoi Petroleum resin
  • Zeigler Petroleum resin
  • Liang msds


  • Five products produced from petroleum resins
  • Petroleum resins with fluorine atoms
  • Petroleum resins with hydroxyl groups
  • Resin content of crude oils
  • Hydrocarbon Resins

Manufacturing process

  • Deep Hydrogenation of C9 Petroleum Resin over Skeletal Nickel
  • Thermodynamic Stability Calculation of petroleum resin
  • Petroleum resins adsorption onto quartz sand
  • Petroleum Resin Preparation by Cationic


  • Chewing gum base containing cyclic aromatic petroleum resins
  • Manufacture of petroleum resins
  • Petroleum resin and their production with BF3 catalyst
  • Petroleum resin and their production
  • Supported catalyst for petroleum resins
  • Improved color for petroleum resins
  • Petroleum resins
  • Preparing hydrogenated petroleum resin
  • Process for producing petroleum resin
  • Preparation of petroleum  resins
  • Stable Petroleum resin-water emulsion
  • Petroleum resins for adhesive thermofusible compositions

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Raw material suppliers

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  • C1 - C5 FRACTION
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  • Equipment for the application

Company profiles

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Consultancy & Exporters

  • Consultancy from International
  • Exporters from China
  • Exporters from Gujarat
  • Petroleum resin bazaar
  • Global Petroleum Resins Market


  • Effectiveness of Chemical dust
  • Beach petroleum project completion report
  • Petroleum resins
  • Technical data sheet


  • Analysis of petroleum resins using Electrospray Ionization
  • Production of bitumen modified by petroleum resins
  • Precipitation from Petroleum Fluids
  • Petroleum resin with fluorine-containing groups


  • Resin Oils and Cyclodiene Dimer Concentrates
  • Effects of petroleum resins
  • Petroleum coke category analysis and hazard characterization
  • Petroleum resin emulsions


  • Phase behavior in petroleum fluids
  • Separation and analysis of petroleum residues
  • Petroleum Resin Preparation by Cationic
    Polymerization of Pyrolysis Gasoline

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