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Project at a Glance Water from Air - Contents on the CD ROM
  • The Air to Water Technology started out about eight years ago and initial applications included household and office use. The applications scope has been expanded to meet water supply requirement for rural communities, oil & gas offshore and remote drilling sites, remote military camp sites and remote construction sites.
  • The benefits of making water from air are tremendous combined with the fact that our atmospheric water makers don't need any outside source of water to function. Water from air is a completely sustainable, environmentally friendly source of water that is readily available for you to use everyday.
  • Air to Water Generators (AWGs) is one of the technologies that can be adopted in the provision of clean drinking water, especially in remote locations. Air to Water products are best described as Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG). It is a technology that extracts clean drinking water from the air.
  • The government needs to be knowledgeable about the application of the Air to Water Technology for the right purposes for which they are designed - Rural Water Supply for small communities, so that they do not jump into white elephant projects that never see the light of the day. The nation has suffered more than enough of these investment calamities and we should spare ourselves more encounters. The Air to Water technology should be a welcome development for Rural Water Supply. However but it is grossly inadequate for Urban Water Supply.
  • Economies of scale, easy transfer of available technologies from air to air heat pumps and boiler systems, shorter decision and sales routes and other reasons have put the market focus for air to water heat pumps for residential heating towards solutions for individual single family houses.
  • Concept
  • Myths and Facts About Air to Water Technology


  • Portable air-water generator
  • High volume air-water separator
  • Air-water outlet fitting
  • Bathtub with air-water injection system
  • Defoaming and air-water treating device
  • Air-water dental syringe with protective barrier
  • Dental air-water syringe with water purifying device
  • Patents List

Process and Technology

  • Process
  • Design Guidelines
  • Turning Air to Water - Video
  • How water from Air works?
  • Air-water technology goes mobile
  • Water Technology
  • Air to Water Technologies for Clean Drinking Water
  • Revolutionary Air-To-Water Technology
  • Air to water's Method


  • Atmospheric Water Generators
  • Atmospheric Water Units
  • Harvesting Water from Air
  • Make Pure Drinking Water from Air
  • Water Drinking Systems
  • Air to Water Heat Pump
  • Air to Water Heat Pump System
  • Commercial System
  • Development of a Bench-Top Air-to-Water Heat Pump
  • Water Units
Project Report
  • Feasibility studies
  • A Novel Concept for Reducing Water Usage and Increasing Efficienc in Power Generation
  • Preparation of Domestic Hot Water
  • Project Report
  • Water from Air
  • News Report
  • Country Report Germany
  • Super Successful Heat Pumps
  • System build up and description
  • UK Heating Market

Company Profiles

  • Company from California
  • Company from USA
  • Company from India
  • Another Company from USA
  • Another Company from India
  • Company from Florida

Consultancy and Turnkey Providers

  • Company from Nevada
  • Company from Australia
  • Company from UK
  • Another Company from UK
  • Another Company from UK


  • Investment Opportunities
  • Making water from thin Air
  • Drinking Water From Air Humidity
  • Turning Air to water
  • Harvesting cool and clear water

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